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15th anniversary of a crime against humanity

by Dan Burns on March 20, 2018

None of the perpetrators of this have been held at all accountable. Nor is there any real chance that they ever will be.

First came the lies — so many, it was impossible to keep up with them. Then came the shock and awe, the crudely invented Iraqi jubilation, the extraordinary renditions, the secret prisons, the indefinite detentions, the relentless torture, the deluge of unaccounted-for cash, the no-bid contracts, the flaccid media, the spectacle of “mission accomplished,” the lousy armor, the occupation …
The endless flow of blood.
There is now a long list of the dead who would not be dead were it not for this war of choice initiated out of bravado, rancid ideology, and doctored “evidence.”
…Come March 2003, shock and awe was delivered to Baghdad, soon followed by more of the torture that had been going on since the first terror suspects had been grabbed off the streets of Europe and elsewhere. Billions of shrink-wrapped dollars poured into Iraq, great gobs of it never since accounted for. Halliburton and other war profiteers made fortunes off no-bid contracts and frequently shoddy work. The media excelled as a pipeline for brazen propaganda.
(Daily Kos)

I didn’t have a computer then, and I must note with considerable embarrassment that I had CNN on, quite often. I remember before the invasion how they were constantly running the same documentaries about being a fighter jet pilot, and life aboard an aircraft carrier – the USS Ronald Reagan, of course. And all of that “embedded” reporting, once it started – though certainly such arrant, contrived cheerleading didn’t deserve to be called “reporting,” or legitimate journalism of any kind. Memories of that make it all the more nauseating to see now how c. media, facing attacks by Trump, claims to be a key “defender of democracy” and so on, these days. What a farce.
That said, I don’t think that corporate media will behave in quite as contemptible a fashion, this time around, if the Trump administration starts to really push a “case for war.” But I’m not at all sure about that.
This is a pretty great song, from 2007. “Dad” is short for Baghdad.


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