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  1. Changing how the DFL endorses gubernatorial candidates

    Am I having deju vu? Nope, another election cycle and another debate about the worthiness of the DFL endorement process. Ok, then.

    Its very simple. Caucuses disnfranchise voters. Instead of having polling places all over and open all day (with early and absentre voting as well) there are far fewer places to vote and a much shorter window of time. As a result, lots of people are disenfrnchised. People who work nights and can’t get off. People with young kids to care for. People who travel for work. Active military. Old and/or disabled people who can’t walk 8 blocks to the site in the winter when there is nowhere to park, or if they get there, unable to stand in line for an hour or two waiting to sign in. Voting should be accessible as possible. We complain about voter ID laws and voter purges done by Republicans making it difficult to vote, but caucuses make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for people to vote. The DFL choosing candidates through the caucus process is hypocritical, undemocratic and really, completely untenable.

    Maybe, just maybe, you could justify the large scale disenfranchisement of voters if the caucus process had good results. But it hasn’t in nearly 50 years in governor’s races. And its not hard to figure out why. When you disenfranchise large groups of people, the people who do the choosing are unrepresentative of the DFL electorate. The endorseed candidates lose in the primary or the general because they aren’t what the DFL electorate wanted. They are what a small, unrepresentative group wanted. A primary may not have high turnout, but no one is prevented from voting and the makeup of the voters is going to be more representative.

    We ditched caucuses for presidential elections and the DNC is working to limit and discourage caucuses with its new rule changes. You can try to polish the caucus turd all you want, but at the end of the day its still a turd.

  2. Endorsing Richard Painter for US Senate

    There are very few Democrats who I would refuse to vote for in a general election. I will hold my nose and vote for just about any Democrat. Richard Painter is one of the few exceptions. I know Painter mostly through twitter, where he has demonstrated that he is a dishonest, vile, abusive misogynistic piece of garbage. A truly horrible human being. I don’t like Lori Swanson, but she is nowhere near the ethical cesspool Painter resides in.

    The good news is that Smith is going to crush him. Martin is going after him being Painter is a serial liar who is unfit for public office.

  3. 2018 DFL State Convention Day 3

    Quade is the worst Lt. Govenor pick ever, and part of the worst DFL endorsed ticket ever. And that includes John Marty and Roger Moe and whoever they picked.

    The entry of Swanson and Nolan makes it a lot more difficult for Walz and Flanagan to win the primary. Murphy and Quade will get absolutely destroyed outstate and will lose the election badly. Outstate reps and the congressional candidates in the 1st, 7th and 8th will have to distance themselves from Murphy and Quade. They might even take down Tina Smith.

    This is a nightmare. This is the end of Minnesota as a blue state. We’re gonna get everything Wisconsin got. Stand your ground and lots more guns. The minimum wage and sick leave laws in Minneapolis will be preempted and repealed and St.Paul’s won’t happen. Voter ID. Medicaid work requirements if medicaid expansion isn’t dropped altogether. Cuts to schools. Cuts to transit. It just goes on and on.

    Its time to move.

  4. 2018 DFL State Convention Day 2

    That’s a good point about Dayton in the primary. If Walz can’t pull it off, Pawlenty will be governor. No way Murphy wins a starewide race.

  5. 2018 DFL State Convention Day 2

    I’m with you on the prayer breaks. There is ao much downtime at these things already.

  6. 2018 DFL State Convention Day 2

    Good lord, did they really not endorse Swanson? This group must be even more clueless and out-of-touch than usual.

    And no, Swanson is not going to have a tough primary because some random loser got the increasingly worthless DFl endorsemt. I expect she gave up because she was hungry for lunch and really didn’t care what this roomful of losers wanted to do.

  7. DFL State Convention Live Blog

    I’m a little disturbed that you (or anyone) is considering Otto because she is not a viable candidate. She should have quit the race after her frivolous lawsuit was dismissed and should have been no longer been taken seriously as soon as she filed it. It never had any merit and the outcome was never in doubt.

    So if she is the nominee, she will be attacked for wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars suing rural counties, which had to spend hundreds of thousands defending her frivolous lawsuit. All which stems from the fact she was overcharging them in the first place, resulting in Govenor Dayton signing a bill giving those counties relief from Otto’s practices. She will get evicerated. She’ll be absolutely destroyed. No chance of winning. Just plain political suicide.

    The fact that she is even in the mix shows just how out of touch DFL caucus-goers are with the real world. And why the endorsement process needs to be dumped.

    Otto is poison. She’s political cancer. Pick someone else. I prefer Walz, but at least Murphy isn’t a guaranteed loser like Otto is.