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  1. Catching up with Michele Bachmann

    Who’s that supposed to be on the cover, behind Michele, with his head tilted to his left?

  2. Minnesota will raise minimum wage

    I’m not knowledgeable about J-1 visas.

    I certainly didn’t mean to imply that I consider this legislation perfect, by any means. There are probably loopholes, even beyond the gaping one of smaller businesses getting to pay less.

  3. MN-02: Kline breezes to GOP endorsement

    My understanding is Mike Obermueller’s campaign style has always been old-school, with an emphasis on in-person, door-to-door stuff. Very hard worker, in that regard. You may of course make of that what you will. I just hope his TV ads are way, way better than last time.

  4. MN-01: Republicans to endorse Walz challenger - Update

    Now that you mention it, I do have very vague recollections of Mike Benson being noted for something or other while in the MN House. He’s certainly no mover and shaker. And his even being there gets very little play on his campaign website.

  5. The Logical Conclusion of the Hobby Lobby Argument - employees are just wage slaves without rights

    This has a link to the Papantonio interview, and other information.

  6. Clinically depressed motivational speaker advises Republican and Democratic power players

    I changed it.

    Dave, your “whole website” isn’t showing up for me. Just your comment.

  7. MN SoS candidate Nguyen calls it quits

    I appreciate the input, but I’m not looking to go to wherever you’re hinting at. John Howe, and maybe Ted Daley, and maybe whoever else, are who I’ll be blogging about, now.

  8. The wrong approach on Minnesota taxes

    If there’s a long game here, it’s about the election. Because it can certainly be argued that if, in November 2014, the Minnesota GOP can’t do at least one of the following:

    - Win the State House, even if only by a seat or two (50-50, I’d say, right now);
    - Win a state executive office (less than 50-50, SoS is their only real chance, especially with their clownish crew of gubernatorial candidates);
    - Win MN-08 (less than 50-50, but not a long shot);
    - Beat Al (long shot);

    then said MN GOP is officially dead in the water until further notice. Which isn’t to say we could all just take it easy because our work is done.

  9. Young voters both encouraging and discouraging

    There are some that believe that, while the stars don’t really tell the future, practices like astrology can provide a useful framework for expressing what’s going on in the subconscious/unconscious. That might account for a little of this.

  10. The Farm Bill is an appalling failure

    One other thing, that is actually most evident, on a larger scale, in the U.S. Senate. The political/economic status quo has been pretty good to Tom Bakk. No personal reason for him to want to see it change much.

  11. The Farm Bill is an appalling failure

    Bakk is apparently buying into the bogus claims that anything other than a small, slow increase will hurt business. It’s kind of inexplicable, especially given how much of his political support, right from the start, has been union-based.

  12. MN Independence Party has a Senate candidate

    Any indication that Paulbots could be migrating to the IP? Could that be why they didn’t make more noise in the GOP caucuses? (None of the top GOP caucus straw poll vote-getters for Senate or Gov are Paulbot-approved. Dave Thompson’s a Tea Party social conservative.)

    Asking anyone out there.

  13. Seifert, Ortman win GOP straw polls

    I’m not sure, but I seem to recall Abeler making it official kind of early, when it seemed that he might have a chance.

    I definitely recall GOP leadership in his district being almost downright nonplussed, that he went for it.

  14. Seifert, Ortman win GOP straw polls

    Zellers had to have been thinking that he’d do better.

  15. Disgraceful education deformer event, today

    As I’m sure you’re well aware, “Democrats who give these people cover” goes all the way to the very top, nationally. We’re fortunate that the administration has been too occupied with other matters to really push on education. And, I suppose, that Arne Duncan is an ineffectual, wholly unimpressive standard-bearer. That’s thankfully given anti-deformers time to get it together.

    I saw a claim that Obama’s people gave serious consideration to replacing Duncan with, yes, Michelle Rhee. I’ve chosen to believe that it wasn’t true, but what I choose to believe doesn’t always turn out to be the same thing as fact.

  16. Why did Kurt Daudt take a loaded gun to go car shopping?

    I’d say it’s likely that Daudt carries a loaded gun because he never knows when he might need to heroically brandish it in order to prevent a crime, and bring a bad guy to justice.

    I’m serious. You know, as well as I do, how messed up these guys are.

  17. Here is what will happen in 2014

    I’m with you on everything except the U.S. Senate, where I think the best possibility is a Dem hold at 51-52 seats. As an aside, 50/50 will likely not be a Dem hold, as Joe Manchin will jump parties.

    Given my own record, “I’m with you” is not necessarily what you want to see.

  18. Magic Can Happen

    Which leads to the much bigger issue, which is starting to be more widely recognized, of whether too many resources are being put into broadcast ads.

    From the point of view of winning elections, that is. From the point of view of wealthy campaign donors that also have financial interests in the media that run the ads, it’s a great way for them to recoup some of their “investment.”

  19. Magic Can Happen

    Conventional wisdom pre-election, which I’m embarrassed to admit that I fell for, was that Andrew was the favorite. I suppose that doesn’t automatically make the actual outcome an “upset.”

  20. DFLer John Benson leaving MN House

    Dayton and Franken are both politically stronger than they were when first elected. But, yeah, I see your point. Electorally, the west metro is just…weird.

  21. Bachmann to sue Obama so that Americans who want to keep their crap health insurance cannot

    Actually, 0.06% is about the likelihood that this guy is what he claims. Far more likely that he’s some idiot Young Republican at a right-wing propaganda mill somewhere, part of whose duties include trolling websites. Rather pitiable. But what’s really ridiculous is that people like him just honestly don’t seem to comprehend how easy it is to see right through them.

  22. PolyMet stepping up the sales con in Minnesota

    I got no problem with heresy.

    I’ve seen no indication of a way to “make this work” with current technology. That is, to work such an operation profitably, without big, negative environmental consequences. That’s never been accomplished before, and the track record of the multinational that is really behind this is very bad.

    There are presumably effective mitigation technologies being developed. But they’re likely years away from real-world effectiveness.

    I believe that this Friday, some sort of detailed proposal is to be released. Like many others currently opposed, I will view it with an open, but appropriately critical and reality-based, mindset.

  23. MN-08: Getting to know the real Stewart III

    Some months from now, when the ACA is going strong, I suspect the question will return to the Dems picking up seats. I’ve never bought that we have much chance of taking back the House, next time. It’s more a matter of positioning to do so in 2016.

  24. Minneapolis mayor: How did Betsy Hodges win?

    I wonder if the Hodges campaign did micro-targeting, and the others didn’t, at least not as much.

  25. Minneapolis mayor: How did Betsy Hodges win?

    I never had anyone say to me anything along the lines of “Betsy’s people are everywhere, blowing everyone else’s canvassers away.” But in hindsight I’m willing to take your word for it. Makes a lot of sense.