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  1. MN Gov: Jeff Johnson wants to go Scott Walker on Minnesota

    Thank you.

  2. Stewart Mills and Mitt Romney 47 degrees of separation

    Apparently, earlier this month, the Mills campaign denied that he said what he says in the video.

  3. Cantor - A Lesson of Primary Voters Staying Home

    I agree with this:

    As a voter in MN-08, I’m likely influenced by having seen how the “DC insider who’s lost touch with his district” charge worked vs. Oberstar in 2010. It would seem that Kline and Paulsen, especially Kline, should be vulnerable on that.

  4. Short n' Sweet - the Cantor Crunch and Munch

    A lot of web commenters are suggesting that this was mostly about immigration, but this claims otherwise, and makes a decent case if you ask me. It doesn’t mention crossover voting, either.

  5. I do not support the proposed DFL pro-mining resolution - Update

    I just might do that. Thank you for commenting.

  6. I do not support the proposed DFL pro-mining resolution - Update

    Making some entity put up cold, hard cash might cut into the size of Tony Hayward’s compensation package.

  7. MN-02: DFL endorses Obermueller

    From Wikipedia: “Taylor was a Republican Minnesota State Senator from 1981 to 1990, serving as assistant minority leader from 1983 to 1985 and Minority Leader from 1985 to 1988.”

    I’ve read elsewhere that politically, Taylor was particularly noted for virulent hatred of labor unions.

    I’ve seen a range of opinion, on how much difference Glen’s Strib ownership will really make. I think a significant indicator may be whether Jon Tevlin is kept on board, in his current capacity.

  8. Minnesota medical marijuana supporters keep going

    I don’t think it’s just the forfeiture money. Plenty of cops are rednecks that hate weed, and the hippie degenerates that smoke it, like they hate sin.

  9. Who's running for Minnesota Attorney General?

    Brodkorb ( blogged about the GOP changing its convention schedule. It’s for real.

  10. What the Ryan Budget would mean for Minnesota

    I got another copy of this same graphic in an email just now, except with the silver lettering changed to white. Much better. So someone over there must have figured it out.

  11. President will wait, again, to decide on Keystone XL

    Well, it could be that he’s waiting until after the election because he really is considering crushing it, despite overall public opinion. Or, he may be waiting to approve it, while avoiding causing environmentalists to sit this one out. Or neither. I don’t know.

  12. What the Ryan Budget would mean for Minnesota

    That’s what showed up in my inbox. I would imagine they’ve had plenty of feedback similar to your comment.

  13. Catching up with Michele Bachmann

    Who’s that supposed to be on the cover, behind Michele, with his head tilted to his left?

  14. Minnesota will raise minimum wage

    I’m not knowledgeable about J-1 visas.

    I certainly didn’t mean to imply that I consider this legislation perfect, by any means. There are probably loopholes, even beyond the gaping one of smaller businesses getting to pay less.

  15. MN-02: Kline breezes to GOP endorsement

    My understanding is Mike Obermueller’s campaign style has always been old-school, with an emphasis on in-person, door-to-door stuff. Very hard worker, in that regard. You may of course make of that what you will. I just hope his TV ads are way, way better than last time.

  16. MN-01: Republicans to endorse Walz challenger - Update

    Now that you mention it, I do have very vague recollections of Mike Benson being noted for something or other while in the MN House. He’s certainly no mover and shaker. And his even being there gets very little play on his campaign website.

  17. The Logical Conclusion of the Hobby Lobby Argument - employees are just wage slaves without rights

    This has a link to the Papantonio interview, and other information.

  18. Clinically depressed motivational speaker advises Republican and Democratic power players

    I changed it.

    Dave, your “whole website” isn’t showing up for me. Just your comment.

  19. MN SoS candidate Nguyen calls it quits

    I appreciate the input, but I’m not looking to go to wherever you’re hinting at. John Howe, and maybe Ted Daley, and maybe whoever else, are who I’ll be blogging about, now.

  20. The wrong approach on Minnesota taxes

    If there’s a long game here, it’s about the election. Because it can certainly be argued that if, in November 2014, the Minnesota GOP can’t do at least one of the following:

    - Win the State House, even if only by a seat or two (50-50, I’d say, right now);
    - Win a state executive office (less than 50-50, SoS is their only real chance, especially with their clownish crew of gubernatorial candidates);
    - Win MN-08 (less than 50-50, but not a long shot);
    - Beat Al (long shot);

    then said MN GOP is officially dead in the water until further notice. Which isn’t to say we could all just take it easy because our work is done.

  21. Young voters both encouraging and discouraging

    There are some that believe that, while the stars don’t really tell the future, practices like astrology can provide a useful framework for expressing what’s going on in the subconscious/unconscious. That might account for a little of this.

  22. The Farm Bill is an appalling failure

    One other thing, that is actually most evident, on a larger scale, in the U.S. Senate. The political/economic status quo has been pretty good to Tom Bakk. No personal reason for him to want to see it change much.

  23. The Farm Bill is an appalling failure

    Bakk is apparently buying into the bogus claims that anything other than a small, slow increase will hurt business. It’s kind of inexplicable, especially given how much of his political support, right from the start, has been union-based.

  24. MN Independence Party has a Senate candidate

    Any indication that Paulbots could be migrating to the IP? Could that be why they didn’t make more noise in the GOP caucuses? (None of the top GOP caucus straw poll vote-getters for Senate or Gov are Paulbot-approved. Dave Thompson’s a Tea Party social conservative.)

    Asking anyone out there.

  25. Seifert, Ortman win GOP straw polls

    I’m not sure, but I seem to recall Abeler making it official kind of early, when it seemed that he might have a chance.

    I definitely recall GOP leadership in his district being almost downright nonplussed, that he went for it.