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  1. Leaked: Donald Trump's Concession Speech

    Why of course. It is a bit past 5 p.m. on November 8th. Thank you for re-introducing me to this very funny clip, associating it with the orange clown and making me laugh.

  2. Where I've been dead wrong about the 2016 election, so far

    Well Dan, most of us lefties are also stunned and humbled by what’s been happening. A number of sharp-eyed sentries operating in national mainstream media, however, have been seeing it correctly (Michael Moore, Bill Maher and Bill Moyers have- my idea of mainstreamers) but most of the rest of ’em ain’t worth chicken spit.
    Trump and his media enablers have made it fashionable for the dark side to celebrate themselves. They’ve been with us all along, they’ve just been kind of quiet. I see it locally with gents I know who are buying more guns than they need because they fear their SUV might be surrounded by Somalis or drug gangs running rampant through Carver County. I see it with the small but vocal NIMBY’s who rant against Southwest Light Rail which they fear will be a zip line for criminals to plunder Eden Prairie homes. I see it with the formation of charter schools around these parts, which, as I view things, is a form of legal segregation. Confederate and Nazi flag waving and the dumb and bigoted remarks of Republican leaders have have been around, but now they have Trump as their amplifier and they know him from TV just as many of them know Jesus from TV. They are now mob bold.

    After reading your piece, I turned to my muse. Her name is Molly Ivins, you’ve probably heard of her. She told me, “Being slightly paranoid is like being slightly pregnant – it tends to get worse.” Okay. But who knocked us up?

  3. What our schools need is to teach more grit!

    Good points. I disappointed my parents with the unsatisfactory “U” evaluations that sometimes accompanied by modest academic grades on the report cards. I like those stiff, cream/yellow report cards. A kid could clearly see what a kid already knew what he was doing. And, the burden of failure or of being below average fell entirely on me from grade school through high school. That was well before charter schools and profiteering came along.

  4. For Example, a little political humor........Drumpf~

    John Oliver’s show can not be topped in the half-hour category of political satire and vinegar. The show is electric with the most effective tone and writing around and generates hundreds of legitimate laughs.

  5. Requiem for a Dead Planet

    Well Sir, You have crafted another sharp, thought-prompting alarm. May your muse keep poking you for more. Climate change continues to be ignored as the blizzard of our consumer ethic continues to obscure what is happening.

  6. As we approach the 4th of July weekend, let me count the ways!
    Flag Proaganda 6 AND 7: Sunrise and West Palm Beach, Florida, Kia, and another scam about Old Glory

    Nice entry. I am reluctant to do business or even window shop with companies that fly large U.S. flags. These consumer targeted ploys have about as much to do with respect for the nation as halter tops, bikini bottoms, Speedos, boxer shorts, T shirts, ash trays, tattoos and coffee cups decorated with the Stars and Stripes. The message of this piece matches my own perspective but are clearly not entertained by most folk. I still get pissed-off by politicians wearing those small U.S. flag pins on their lapels and lemon sucking “patriots” who, since John Kerry ran for president, have made a loud and sour deal if those pins were not displayed on a candidate’s or official’s apparel.

  7. As long as the Confederate flag is coming down, what about our imagery?

    Our State seal and flag are at best unmemorable and at worst butt ugly. This link will take you to a TED talk on a number of misguided city flags and a few good ones. It could also be about state flags.

  8. MN-08: Mills calls district voters a bunch of dumb rubes

    Mills is, I suspect, actually Dana Carvey getting more mileage from his Garth Algar character in a video venue other than Wayne’s World. Glady’s alarmist TV spot on her “Second Amendment rights” tells me that the same comically, low level of production savvy commanded by Wayne for his cable access show is being marshaled by Stewart Mills’ campaign. However, with Mills Fleet Farm TV spots, he has an advantage over Rick Nolan. Nolan’s “America the Right Way” spot is fearfully lame and at north country gun shop regulars – “Washington can’t seem to see it but we sure do in Minnesota. Stop wasting tax dollars on so called nation building over seas and other programs that don’t work. Fix those that do.” he voices over scenes of himself canoeing in God’s Country. And then BAM … Rick fires a rifle with a scope – purchased at Fleet Farm? Rick and his ad firm are apparently employing 8th District, bait/gun shop vernacular with the line “fix those [programs] that do.” Why fix programs that do work? Rick, you’re not making sense. Who would have thought in less than 28 seconds, the DFL hope against “Garth goes to Washington” is a fatherly, plain speaking, really likeable guy who’s premier TV/YouTube spot manages to combine canoeing, rifle shootin’ and slammin’ our nation’s programs overseas — all of em, it seems. I live in MN’s Third CD and am spared the Nolan Mills dilemma (base only on their respective TV spots).

  9. What Otto Winning Over Entenza Really Means

    Grace, I believe that your windup conjecture about Entenza entering the race for State Auditor as amounting to only an impulse buy is correct. Rebecca Otto has the smarts, quiet measured demeanor, vision for this office. She also has a damn good record. Matt Entenza has the charisma and the bucks. What he didn’t have is a support group to dissuade from his follied gambit before the filing deadline.

  10. The Other Way to Keep the Minnesota House and Senate

    You are surely helping find a way and are doing it with out need of these smart phone apps one asks questions of: “Where is St. Paul?” for a robot voice answer: “You’ve taken a wrong turn.”

    Dems and progressives in Minnesota have much to celebrate and, for starters, so too do hundreds of thousands of folks who now have health care. Nice piece above.

  11. Sen. Al Franken remembers Jim Oberstar


    COMMUNITY VOICES | Jim Oberstar remembered by Senator Al Franken
    By Jeff Strate, Community Voices
    May 06, 2014
    Hours before Senator Al Franken was to address the convention of Minnesota Congressional District Three Democrats at Maple Grove Junior High School, he learned that his adviser and friend, former Congressman Jim Oberstar had died at home in Maryland, peacefully in his sleep. Saturday May 3rd was to have been just a rip-roaring, lets-get ’em fired-up for the coming election rally and endorsement fete. With the endorsement of Sharon Sund to dethrone Eric Paulson, it certainly was that. But the convention also became a venue of tribute to and affection for one of the most effective, citizen-centered politicians to ever come from Minnesota and to ever sit in The House. Jim Oberstar from Chisholm had served 17 successive terms in Congress and was one of the world’s foremost authorities on transportation and infrastructure.
    Legendary columnist and sports writer Jim Klobuchar (also from The Range) shared his thoughts and read a letter to the gathered about Jim Oberstar sent by his U.S. Senator daughter, Amy. Southwest suburban DFL leader Steve Kelley and others payed their respects. When Al and Frannie Franken entered the auditorium, the cheers and applause swelled, tapering off a full minute later. The junior senator from Minnesota searched for words and then, after a pause, found them. The video here posted will also appear on the next cable cast version of Democratic Visions in a few weeks.

  12. Who's running for Minnesota Attorney General?

    Responding to your suggestion, I checked out the MNGOP candidates page. All of them, excepting State Senator Julianne Ortman, wear that Rod Grams smile.

  13. Mary Franson sued for defamation by ex-boyfriend

    Ohhhhh my. And we thought that the competitive nature of DFL House District 60B was captivating. Question: Why do local party units endorse candidates who are in the midst of personal disintegration; have little idea of how to really serve their constituents; have forgotten that elected office is only temp work; and think that our government falls with out them?

  14. Too much "Free Speech" is a Crime - or should be

    Thanks for the perceptive analysis and the Rose video discussion with Wallace. An internet, chat room, suicide enabler is not an angel of any kind.

  15. Clinically depressed motivational speaker advises Republican and Democratic power players

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the alert. Perhaps an a site manager corrected the bad spelling. “Lorna Landvik” is what my wife’s books say and what the article now shows it to be. Regards.

  16. So long and thanks for all the fish

    The Big E will be on the next edition of Democratic Visions, the cable TV/ YouTube program I produce with volunteers in southwest ‘burbs. Eric will be missed, Michele Bachmann will not be missed. The “Big E” wins. He has smartly refused to post “selfies” (smart phone photos of himself) here or on Facebook. But on TV pundit segments he is one of the Metro area’s most electric, insightful, bemused and vinegary personalities. His radar for GOP and right wing irony is still in sharp focus. He will not be leashed when we tape his segment later this week.

  17. Nonferrous Mineral Mining in Minnesota: An Issue of Science Policy

    Thank you Greg. The real “true costs” of copper mining should always include the actual irreparable damage to the environment regardless of what ever restorative measures science and technology may be considering or predicting. There are more ways to make a buck and create jobs than raping the earth. I am disappointed that so many of our labor unions and local and state officials choose not to be creative or to engage creative entrepreneurs in building jobs on the range. I very much approve of State Auditor Rebecca Otto’s “No” vote on the Minnesota Executive Council’s action.

  18. Why Erik Paulsen Has To Be Replaced As Minnesota's Third District Representative

    I appreciate Gregladen’s essay and Mac Hall’s clarification of Eric Paulsen’s record. The absence of any viable candidates to run against my Eden Prairie colleague has sparked alarm in my progressive fibers since last autumn. The lack of a monied, charismatic, principled and moderate candidate at this late date suggests that among the many exemplary and toiling worker bees at DFL Congressional District Three (all unpaid volunteers) are no folks who ever socialize, do business and play golf with or share private phone numbers with those who can win our home grown, conservative Opie.

    We are a nation of avoiders and deniers regarding climate change. Shawn Otto has appeared twice on Democratic Visions talking, for the most part, about the denier issue deniers and the “false equivalencies” that the major media have provided them. Here are the links –
    Climate Change Deniers –

    Science and National Politics

  19. David Hann's incompetence to continue unabated

    Big E, How did you get that photo of me that you’ve placed next to David Hann’s photo in this commentary?

  20. The Maplewood Race that Could and Did

    Thank you Grace,
    I will request that this article be linked to from DFL Senate District 48’s website. As you know, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka are on the edge of Michelle Bachman and West Metro Tea Party Patriot districts and have lost some close ones when we should have won. This is inspiring and a good read.

  21. Kline and Paulsen just as culpable as Bachmann for shutdown

    Mrs. Kihne is a right wing resident of Eden Prairie who inserts herself into various school issues. Mrs. Pugh, a resident of Chanhassen, is the co-founder of the Southwest Metro Chapter of the Tea Party. Here’s some bad news –

  22. The Fatal Flaw of Removed Decision Making

    Grace, you have posted an outstanding essay. Apple, of course, benefits from confederates in other countries that also tolerate bad work conditions and toxic processes and we consumers don’t think much about the toxic parts and billions of batteries that power the parts.

    But owning stuff, buying stuff and permitting self worth to measured by our stuff is an addiction as appealing as watching the flicker of cooking fire in a neanderthal’s cave or a snort of cocaine on a Wayzata verandah. We’ll keep buying and, except perhaps for an occasional realistic take on our situation by folks like yourself and National Geographic, keep avoiding if we’re lefties and denying if we’re Republicans.

  23. The public doesn't know how bad the Iraq War was

    Thank you for pointing us to a truer analysis of the dark side of America. The wounded and permanently disabled Iraqis and U.S. contracted mercenaries and technical advisors body and disabled counts are seldom mentioned on normal national or local news programs. Americans also don’t want to know about the truth in Iraq is that many prefer the tiresome, templated TV news stories of this soldier and that soldier coming home for a Main Street parade of flag waving, good-hearted and well meaning neighbors and friends.

    They all want to be patriotic … but they are duping themselves and not paying for the soldier’s re-introduction to life back home or proper medical and psychological help.

  24. michele bachmann: successors and strategy

    Mr. Prendergrast, I love your advisory: “that means next election is very likely the best shot that dems will have (for years to come) 1) to bust out a wing nut conservative seat in congress and 2) bust up a breeding ground for wing nut politics here in minnesota. deny them the 6th, and the wingnuts look more unelectable — and that’s sending them back down the road to marginality.” Jim’s been lookin’ kind a tired of late but he’s running again. That’s a very good thing.

  25. Dred and Harriet Scott's Minnesota Connection

    Many thanks Dog Gone.