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  1. So long and thanks for all the fish

    At least Sherwood isn’t a muppet.

  2. So long and thanks for all the fish

    Hah, Dan,

    Who is top of the fecking league right now, eh? HA ha ha ha ha … yep, Arsenal must suck.

  3. Tony Cornish proposes wrong solution to violence against women

    It occurred to me after i published the post that from the perspective of the Conservative Patriots, this is just another excuse for the UN-controlled jack-booted Obama stormtroopers to kick down their doors.

  4. Merry Christmas from the Republicans: your poor seniors will suffer

    I love it when I mix my metaphors. Did I miss any metaphors that could have (not should have) been added?

  5. Ben Schweigert wants to be replace Gail Dorfman as your new Hennepin County Commissioner


    That’s mean-spirited. I’m quite certain that Hennepin County Commissioner is a full-time job and the winner will quit whatever job they currently hold.

  6. Steve Simon for Minnesota Secretary of State

    Sorry, Eric. I’ll go sit in the corner now and feel shame.

  7. David Hann's incompetence to continue unabated


    When did you get stoned? Or at least turned to …

  8. Did Steve Drazkowski flip flop on replacing nurses with baby monitors?


    That was my initial reaction, too. But then notice that he didn’t agree to any specifics. It sounded to me more like he was pandering.

  9. Mike Obermueller leads John Kline in new PPP poll

    Careful, Dan …

    Ease up on the name-calling.

  10. John Kline speaks to his constituents, the for-profit college industry

    Great points, Mac. The article I cited notes that we need to follow the money which is why i linked to it.

  11. Mike Obermueller leads John Kline in new PPP poll


    No, it was not a push poll. A push poll only asks one or two leading questions such as the ones House Majority PAC asked at the end of this poll.

    This is legit poll that also tested messages that House Majority PAC and probably ABM will end up using against Kline. We now know that Kline is weak and how to hit him.

  12. Bradlee Dean: Obama Administration looking to eradicate Hispanic and Negro races

    It wasn’t broadcast on the radio. He’s lost his show. It was a podcast.

  13. When Do We Call It Treason?

    At the least, it’s sedition.

  14. Clown car crash could result in Democratic majority in Congress

    Last I’d heard, Brian Barnes was still going to run. But i haven’t heard much of anything out of CD3. Lemme ask around.

  15. A Short List of Candidates for Mayor of Minneapolis

    I am shocked, I tell you shocked, that Neal Baxter isn’t included in this list. And what happened to Captain Jack Sparrow!?!

    I demand a recount!

  16. Latest conspiracy theory: marriage equality is a mind control

    Once again, thank you for bringing the stupid to MPP. Keep bringing it … this blog wouldn’t be the same without you.

  17. Al Franken wants credit rating reform

    Of course you are welcome to use our material and cite us as the source.

    We always link to our sources and appreciate the consideration.


  18. Protect public land from fracking

    I did. Scary innit?

  19. What does the Star Tribunes continued non-coverage of Bachmann portend for MN-06 race?


    But she’s NEVER “done” legislation. It’s only been bloviating. But up until the ethics scandals, they rarely if ever covered her.

    Emmer will likely follow her model if he gets in. Will our media cover him?

    And if we can anticipate the future by looking at past behavior, I am not confident at all that our media will follow this race or the Republican that will likely win it.

  20. Republicans continue to move closer to irrelevance

    And I’m going to believe an anonymous right winger like yourself? You betcha …

  21. Republicans continue to move closer to irrelevance

    Of course their behavior makes sense to you … you are one of them. The MNGOP doesn’t need enemies …

  22. How the Minneapolis Mayor's race will play out in a Ranked Choice Voting election

    Thanks, Josh. Well said.

  23. How the Minneapolis Mayor's race will play out in a Ranked Choice Voting election


    Under RCV election rules, the winner will have 50% +1 vote.

    Ranked Choice Voting is the familiar runoff process done in a single election. Under the system, all ballots are tallied according to first-place choices. In a single-winner election, if one candidate wins a majority (50% + 1) among all first-place votes, that candidate is the winner.

    If not, the candidate with the fewest first-place votes is eliminated and the ballots for this candidate are redistributed among the remaining candidates according to the second choices on those ballots. The process continues until one candidate has picked up a majority of votes.
    (FairVote MN)

  24. Sen. Klobuchar voted for government surveillance and against our privacy rights every step of the way


    Good point and, as you probably know, I really want filibuster reform. But …

    That’s well and good, but that cloture vote was our only chance of defeating FISA changes that allowed warrantless wiretapping and telecom immunity. The only chance to stop the United Police States of America from eliminating all of our privacy and most of our civil rights. Klobuchar knew that the votes were there to pass the bill if it got past the cloture vote. Her excuse was utter bull****.

  25. Sen. Klobuchar voted for government surveillance and against our privacy rights every step of the way

    Oh, right. Forgot that bit. That kinda makes it worse that a Dem-controlled Senate passed the FISA dismemberment, dunnit?