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A post election respite

by JeffStrate on November 15, 2016

The Thanksgiving edition of Democratic Visions provides DFLers and progressives with respite from the cross-talking panels of post-election, conjecturing TV and radio pundits and Democrat Party spin meisters who have been getting it wrong ever since Bernie tossed his hat into the presidential candidate ring.


But first, this week the StarTribune has published commentaries by two of our favorite guests.

coupled image of Tharwat and Timmer

TV host Ahmed Tharwat and blogger Steve Timmer.

LeftMN’s Steve Timmer of Edina writes about the possibility of Keith Ellison becoming chair of the Democratic National Committee. Read “In search of a DNR Chair” here. BelAhdan’s Ahmed Tharwat of Minnetonka suggests that American Muslims need a survival guide. Tharwat’s sly think pieces regularly infuriate the trolling hyenas in the Strib’s reader comments section. Read it here.

Image of Birch Island Lake, Eden Prairie

Click on the photo of Eden Prairie’s Birch Island Lake to see the Thanksgiving edition of Democratic Visions

The new Democratic Visions opens with a video essay of mostly west suburban natural settings underscored by Aaron Copeland’s “Appalachian Spring” and continues with a variety of guests from this year’s video vault.   Eden Prairie Council member Ron Case talks about his favorite hamlet of cul-de-sacs, McMansions, SW Light Rail, open spaces, diversity and good government. Humorist Jon Spayde returns as a spacey and failed TED talker who claims that the digital age is “so over, so yesterday.”   We have also dusted off an April 2016 chat between DFL activist and Democratic Visions host Tim O’Brien and blogger Steve Timmer that foreshadowed a presidential-elect Donald Trump.


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