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As Minnesota government goes green, where are the wingnuts?

by Dan Burns on January 6, 2016 · 1 comment

111022-N-OH262-320OK, there is actually a long way to go before Minnesota’s government can be seriously said to have “gone green.” But steps are being taken in the right direction, including:
– A snazzy website devoted to climate change issues. It’s by the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board, which includes the heads of nine state agencies.

“Admin seeks solar power for state facilities’ energy mix.”

– From last month:


The Minnesota Department of Administration’s (Admin) Green Fleet policies have been nationally recognized by the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA). In its first ever accreditation of sustainable fleets, NAFA recognized 13 public entities from around the nation and Canada…
Governor Dayton committed state agencies to reducing their carbon footprint in Executive Order 11-13 by making their buildings and activities more sustainable and using clean energy resources. Since 2013 Admin’s Fleet Services has already reduced gasoline consumption by more than 16 percent through use of cleaner fuels and 94 percent of the fleet is now capable of operating with cleaner fuel. The department has increased overall fuel efficiency by adding 78 hybrid and six electric vehicles. Further, a telematics initiative is currently being piloted to provide greater data on vehicle use in order to design the most appropriately sized and efficiently managed fleet to meet agency needs.
(Minnesota Department of Administration)

And I have yet to see wild howls of outrage, about any or all of the above, from right-wing legislators, or the state’s conservative politicos in general. Maybe I used the wrong search parameters when I went looking just now, but I don’t think so.
So bashing this must not be seen as a political winner, at least for the time being. Of course, Minnesota produces neither coal nor oil, to speak of. But it’s still hard to believe that the righties plan to leave it alone indefinitely. Maybe the order hasn’t come down from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). But it’s important not to fall into (as I’ve done, myself) thinking that that loathsome outfit must be involved in all things wingnut. Minnesota’s conservatives are entirely capable of producing a veritable cornucopia of very bad, stupid ideas of their own.
Comment below fold.

From Dog Gone: Conservatives will be dragged out of the 19th century into the 21st kicking and screaming. The backwards conservatives would probably prefer to supplement the seriously unwise premise of dependency on fossil fuels with whale oil, instead of going green, no matter the clear and unavoidable logic of switching to renewable and clean energy sources.
Or, as Kermit the frog noted, it isn’t easy being green. But darn it, it SHOULD BE! (Link to video.)

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