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Despite the fact Ted Daley’s Linkedin still shows him as co-chair of Veterans’ Voices, Ted Daley is NOT currently chair of Veterans’ Voices.


Ted Daley Co Chair Veterans Voices
Yesterday, we had the mystery of how the co-chair of Veterans’ Voices could give an award to himself. The mystery is solved. Trista Matascastillo, the Program Officer of Veterans’ Voices asked us to publish this clarification (Bolding is added):


As a Veteran myself, and protective of Veterans’ and our stories I find it important to offer some clarification about the Veterans’ Voices Award. So, on behalf of both myself, and The Minnesota Humanities Center I’d like to clarify some inaccurate details included in this blog post. Ted Daley is one of 30 Veterans who was nominated for and will receive the 2014 Veterans’ Voices Award. Mr. Daley did not nominate himself nor did any of the awardees. The Minnesota Humanities Center received over 80 nominations for the 2014 Veterans’ Voices Award. This year’s awardees were selected from an impressive group of highly qualified candidates. Thirty awardees – 20 On the Rise (ages 40 and under) and 10 Legacy (ages 41 and over) – were chosen by two independent review panels of Veterans based on their nomination write-up to receive the 2014 Veterans’ Voices Award.. The Humanities Center is honored to recognize these extraordinary men and women for their contributions to community.


Veterans’ Voices is a long-term initiative that draws on the power of the humanities to call attention to the stories and contributions of Veterans. This initiative amplifies, honors, and recognizes the stories and contributions of Minnesota Veterans in their own voice through plays, art, discussion groups, and the Veterans’ Voices Award. For a full list of this year’s Awardee’s please check our website;




Ted Daley served as a co-chair for the 2013 Veterans’ Voices Award Ceremony. He is not a co-chair for our 2014 event. Al Horner and Sakinah Mujahid are the Co-Chairs of this year’s event.


We agree that Veterans’ Voices is awesome and it is really sad that Ted Daley is misrepresenting his relationship to this group!

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Yesterday, we had the mystery of how the co-chair of Veterans Voices could give an award to himself. The mystery is solved. It turns out that even though Ted Daley Linkedin still shows him as co-chair of Veterans Voices, he is not actually co-chair anymore.

Ted Daley Co Chair Veterans Voices

Could Senator Daley be trying to deceive people? What does his Facebook say? It says Daley is still a state senator when he lost his Senate Seat to Jim Carlson two years ago. The claim is on the same Facebook page that Daley is bragging about his 2014 Veterans Voices award.
Ted Daley Still Senator 2014
Daley has a history of resumes where the job titles change and improve. Daley also has a history of missing company registrations for his company actively engaged in business.
May we should take a closer look at the current resume.


Veterans Voices Awards will be presented at the second annual Veterans’ Voices Award Ceremony being held at the Humanities Center on the east side of St. Paul on Sept. 11. The Veterans’ Voices Award recognizes military service members that make exceptional, positive contributions which improve the lives of people across Minnesota.


Previous Eagan State Senator Ted Daley is the co-chair of Veterans Voices Awards.


Ted Daley Co Chair Veterans Voices


Now here is where it gets strange. Ted Daley is also one of the Veterans Voices awardees.


Ted Daley Veterans Voice List


Normally, someone in charge does not give awards to oneself. Although that could be considered the epitome of self encouragement. One could imagine many possibilities. I, Ted Daley, CEO do award Ted Daley as Employee of the Month. I, Ted Daley, King of all this land do proclaim Ted Daley as knight of the realm. It is a good thing that Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV reporter and veteran, will emcee this ceremony otherwise Ted Daley would have to say, “I, Ted Daley, Co-chair of Veterans Voices do hereby award the Legacy award to Ted Daley. Then maybe he could move the award from one hand to another. Or may Ted Daley could jump on the platform to announce, jump off and then jump on again to accept. Or maybe Ted Daley could use a mirror and pretend that there were two Ted Daleys. Any way you look at it, it is very strange to head up an organization giving an award to one self.


Ted Daley Double



Mark_with_LaraMark Schneider is a farmer that cares for land. He uses smart no-till farming practices, planting corn, soybeans and hay in rotation to control insects. (pdf) “Smart” is the way that Schneider likes to do things. In government, Schneider talks about building roads to endure Minnesota weather for lowest long-term costs instead of the cheapest one-time road-resurfacing cost (pdf). Schneider says that by doing government smarter we can save money in many ways. Mark Schneider is running as the representative in the Minnesota House for Dodge, Goodhue, Wabasha and Winona counties (21B).




Mark Schneider is advocating for a rural community that can live independently off the grid and also produce profitable crops. Schneider would like to have every rural location have its own solar/wind generation because 90% of electricity is lost by the time it reaches the rural areas. That 90% loss gets charged back to the customer. In trying to verify the 90% number, I found out that this 90% number is a factor of maintenance, distance and usage. No one wants to admit to poor maintenance. What is easily verifiable, is that there is an expectation that as batteries become better and cheaper, the rural areas will find it cheaper to totally switch to off grid. This could be happening as soon as 2018, just 4 years away.


Global investment bank UBS has highlighted the challenges facing Australian energy utilities by suggesting that the falling cost of solar and battery storage means that the average Australian household could find it cost-competitive to go off-grid by 2018.


Mark Schneider is a strong advocate for his community. Schneider talks to Dayton and other top Democratic officials advocating for higher levels of ethanol. Ethanol really helps local farmers. Ethanol is also a better environment choice. Schneider says that one acre of corn produces 500 gallons ethanol (pdf) and still feeds 500 chickens. It takes 3 gallons of water to make a gallon of ethanol and the water is reusable. Contrast that with over 1800 gallons of water to distill a barrel of oil, yielding 20 gallons of gasoline from tar sands. Since ethanol is a new industry, the efficiency of all parts to the industry have been rapidly improving.


DSCN6270The newest candidate for Hennepin Sheriff is Eddie Frizell, a Deputy Chief of the Patrol Bureau with the City of Minneapolis Police Department with 21 years of experience. He is also a Colonel in the National Guard with tours in Iraq and Kuwait. Frizell is challenging the current Sheriff Rick Stanek.


Just yesterday, Eddie Frizell was endorsed by the Hennepin County DFL after months of consideration. During the endorsement process, Frizell faced tough questions. One person asked Frizell, how would he ensure more probable cause and less profiling. The answer was that when officers better reflect the community, they make better decisions on probable cause. The vote of support was unanimous and enthusiastic.


Impressively, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association have also endorsed Frizell saying:


“It is clear to us that you understand creating a livable, safer community and that this requires a multi-faceted approach involving partnerships at all levels of the community and government. As a result, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Deputies Association supports your candidacy for Sheriff of Hennepin County!”


As a writer, I wanted to contrast the endorsements of both candidates for Sheriff. However I ran into difficulties on the Stanek endorsements.


70% of Republicans Rejected Johnson

by Grace Kelly on August 13, 2014 · 3 comments

jeff johnson speaksMore people voted for Dayton in yesterday’s primary than for all of the Republican candidates for governor. There should have been Republican excitement in a primary with four strong Republican candidates. There was not. To win with 30% of the vote is sad. It meant that 70% of the Republican primary voters rejected Johnson. Perennial candidate Sharon Anderson received more Republican votes and a higher percentage of Republican votes for Attorney General, and she is not even a lawyer. Maybe Republicans just like those plain vanilla names like Johnson or Anderson. Maybe Sharon Anderson should have run for governor on the Republican ticket instead of Attorney General.


In the debates, it was clear that Republicans have little enthusiasm. They ask questions about how the Republican candidate would deal with a Democratic legislature. Even Jeff Johnson says, “We kinda start out in hole”. When pressed for what he could do, Johnson says “We can’t promise the world”. The most exciting promise is that he is going to fire all of the Met Council. Most of Johnson’s answers were long meandering diatribes on how we can’t really make promises. I noticed the debates did not display the audiences, which was curious until I found out there was a pattern as the picture to the right shows. Since yawning and sleeping are contagious, it was definitely in the best interest of the Republican party to not show the audiences. There were even worst days where debates had many empty chairs in the audience. Maybe the poor and homeless that Republicans so despise were finding a place to safely rest. Republicans don’t get kicked out even when they fall asleep in Congress.


Heh, wake up!


Otto Vote Had No Sulfide Mining Effect

by Grace Kelly on August 13, 2014 · 9 comments

Even though Matt Entenza never talked about the sulfide mining issue, there was a suggestion of sulfide mining advocates voting against Otto. Otto had recommended that sulfide mining companies put up the equivalent of rental deposit on the risk of harm to health and environment. The sulfide mining effect would show up in Congressional District 8. Dayton’s percentage between state wide and CD 8 drops by 3%. Simon’s percentage between state wide and CD 8 drops by 10%. So Otto’s drop of 6% is between those two numbers. I conclude that there was no effect based on sulfide mining.


Steve Simon was having a name recognition problem against two perennial candidates, so he has lower numbers and more variation. Simon was considered safe although I must admit those numbers were closer than I felt comfortable with.


This table was generated with a 93% of the precincts counted.


otto analysis


What Otto Winning Over Entenza Really Means

by Grace Kelly on August 12, 2014 · 4 comments

Rebecca_Otto_Matt_Entenza.jpgBoth Rebecca Otto and Shawn Otto exemplify grace under pressure. Still under shock of an unexpected opponent, they rallied and organized an outpouring of support. Shawn personally ensured that every request of mine was fulfilled. Every one I know said the same. So every DFL event and parade became focused on persuading for Rebecca Otto. It also helped that Rebecca Otto had done great work, that was easily documented with awards and online-published papers.


DFLers responded strongly because Entenza threatened the whole DFL endorsement value.

I think Entenza thought he could run in the primary because of Mark Dayton. Entenza’s challenge was vastly different than Dayton’s challenge. Mark Dayton’s primary run had been clear when he entered the governor’s race because Mark Dayton had never been a person who flourished in endorsement politics. Yet Dayton was still a good election candidate. At every point, Dayton was clear and honest about his intentions, running against DFL opponents in a fair way. Entenza is great at insider politics, yet he snubbed insider politics. Entenza did not give notice. The way that Entenza made his case was not considered fair by DFL standards. Quite frankly, DFLers talk about the Entenza challenge in way one talks of a friend who unexpectedly changes on you.


So this race became about the people power of the DFL vs the money power of Entenza. In the dead of summer, in a race that normal media would not cover well, the DFL had to rally its votes. And they did. DFL endorsements are valuable and important.


Crowned Sheriff Stanek1

Sheriff Stanek’s projected 2014 budget is $92 million, which is $43 million larger than Ramsey County’s projected 2014 budget of $49 million. Hennepin is way above every other urban county.


At the same time, Stanek has the smallest population of any urban Sheriff in Minnesota to directly police. Hennepin County is unique in that it is comprised of cities that all have their own police forces. Less than 1% of the population is directly policed by the Hennepin Sheriff Rich Stanek. The other urban counties have more population being directly policed by the Sheriff.


This graph shows the glaring the differences between Hennepin and other urban counties in 2012 numbers. In comparing urban county Sheriff Budgets, one would expect that the budget is high when the amount of direct policing and reported crimes is high. Hennepin county is the opposite. Given the numbers on direct policing, one could easily make a case that Hennepin’s budget should below Ramsey County’s budget.


Kelly Sheriff Budget Comparison


The disparity has been increasing since 2012. Next year the Stanek budget is projected to go up to $92 million. Stanek’s budget has been going up at the same time that other government budgets were being cut.



Republican Seifert Back to Stealing Reserves

by Grace Kelly on August 8, 2014 · 4 comments

marty seifert theifThe one time that people really count on government is during an emergency. Our emergencies include tornadoes, droughts, floods, heavy storms, mega fires, oil train spills and toxic accidents. We are more exposed to all emergencies more than before. To be able to respond, government needs a reserve of money. Republican candidate for governor, Marty Seifert wants to spend money on transportation. Since a Republican can not ever raise taxes, he has to steal or borrow the money. So he is stealing money from the reserve. Republican thinking is that a nice shiny road is preferable to saving lives in an emergency. Scumbag is the safest language I can use, but it does not adequately state the despicability of this move.