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On Trump: Big Army, Big Oil, Big Money, Big Stick

by Invenium Viam on December 13, 2016 · 0 comments

trump silhouetteTeach your children well,
Their father’s hell did slowly go by.
And feed them on your dreams,
The one they pick’s the one you’ll know by.

Teach Your Children; Crosby, Stills & Nash


It should be obvious now what President-elect Trump’s foreign and domestic policy plans are shaping up to be.


He is packing his administration with retired generals, unreconstructed Neo-con war hawks, Big Oil executives, and Wall Street bankers.


He is about to gut both the EPA and the DOE, slash federal education funding to states, roll-back Dodd-Frank and the ACA, slash Medicare, privatize Social Security and the VA, pump billions of new money into defense spending, expand the military, and enter into a new bi-lateral non-aggression and non-interference pact with Putin.


Together with Putin, Assad and Erdowan, he intends to extend a tri-partite political-economic hegemony over a parceled-out Middle-east, to hamstring OPEC, and pit the Saudi’s against Iran like a pair of pit-bulls in a dogfighting ring. Then, together with India as a South Asian proxy, and Taiwan and Japan as Pacific Rim proxies, he’ll isolate China economically and militarily to force them to bring North Korea to heel or suffer an economic crash that will destabilize the current regime. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will be given a free rein to re-militarize under the guise of a non-interventionist policy of support for our allies. India will be given a free rein to deal with Pakistan in whatever way suits them including the nuclear option. The UN will be effectively neutered by the US and Russia acting in concert.


And he’ll get the infrastructure spending and jobs bills that the GOP wouldn’t grant to Obama, which along with massive defense spending, high profile tax cuts for middle-class wage-earners (first $30K of earnings deductible) and the wealthy; and a time-limited window for the moneyed interests to repatriate off-shore holdings through the purchase of US Treasury notes, he’ll juice the economy just enough to convince voters that the country is “going in the right direction,” before engaging in another unilateral war prior to the 2020 presidential race, which will make him a sitting war president and probable shoe-in for re-election.


He can do all these things because he has all the legislative branches of government in his pocket. In a short time, he’ll have the Supreme Court in his pocket as well.


In short, we are witnessing the dawning of a very dark era of international brinksmanship and a very, very dangerous form of Big Stick diplomacy that will become known in the next few years as the Trump Doctrine. If you believe in a deity, pray.


Epic Fail: Why Clinton and the Dems Lost …

by Invenium Viam on November 12, 2016 · 0 comments

winter-is-coming“I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness …” John 1:23, King James Bible


One of the things that gripes me about the political punditry on the left is how quick they are to say, “Nobody knew. Nobody saw this coming.” They are saying it now about the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. It was unthinkable, so it couldn’t be true. Well, some of us said the unthinkable was something that could happen …


They said nobody saw the insurgency on the left, which drove the rise of socialist Bernie Sanders as a real contender for the Democratic nomination, which I predicted in May, 2015: Hillary Clinton has Bigger Problems Than She Knows ~ Part 1 and Part 2. They said it about the youth insurgency, which helped drive the Sanders campaign into a national challenge, which I predicted in September, 2015: Part 3 And, most recently, they said it about the election of Donald Trump, which I predicted last May, before either major party nominee had been endorsed: Why Trump Will Beat Hillary On Election Day.


I didn’t get all the details right, which is very hard to do when prognosticating. A lot can change in a day in politics and campaigns, not to mention an entire election season. I thought Bernie and his advisors would be smart enough to figure out that the Democratic establishment would do what they had to do to block his nomination and that he’d see that and run as an independent. I got that wrong. The establishment was crafty enough to string him along to the convention. The presidential race, the 2016 election, and the political landscape on November 9 would have been entirely different if he had undertaken an independent bid. He might even have won the presidency. Had he been able to bring Senator Elizabeth Warren onto his ticket, I’m convinced he would have won.



Leaked: Donald Trump’s Concession Speech

by Invenium Viam on November 8, 2016 · 1 comment

Dateline November 8, 2016 ~ Minneapolis, MN
A leaked copy of Donald Trump’s planned concession speech in video format has been obtained by Minnesota Progressive Project.

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I UnVoted ~ Social Media Graphic #6

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I UnVoted ~ Social Media Graphic #5

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I UnVoted ~ Social Media Graphic #4

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I UnVoted ~ Social Media Graphic #3

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I UnVoted ~ Social Media Graphic #2

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I Unvoted: Social Media Graphic #1

by Invenium Viam on August 11, 2016 · 0 comments

Starting today, I will be posting a series of social media graphics here at MN Progressive Project and cross-posting them to other websites, Facebook pages, and twitter accounts.


The idea is to get people who plan to sit out the election to think about how that might affect others.


Hopefully, these images will be shared widely. Please feel free to share them using your own social media.




trump silhouette

Trump spokesman John Miller speaks on condition of anonymity.

Minneapolis, MN ~ Sources inside the Trump for President campaign have confirmed in an exclusive interview with Minnesota Progressive Project that the newly-minted GOP nominee for president has acquired the power to disappear people.


“Look, he’s already disappeared hundreds and hundreds of people, that I can tell you, okay?” confirmed Trump campaign spokesman John Miller, speaking on the condition that his name not be used and his remarks be kept strictly off the record. “These were bad people, really bad guys that nobody wants around. I mean, look around you. Try to find any of the people he’s disappeared. They’re nowhere to be seen, right? Gone! He disappeared them.”


Miller was asked how Mr. Trump acquired the amazing power to disappear people. “Mr. Trump has never revealed the source of his amazing power,” Miller said. “But I can tell you that he knows, and has working for him in secret laboratories funded by the Trump organization, hundreds maybe thousands of the top scientists in the world. These are the top guys you can find anywhere in the world, the greatest scientists in the world, believe me. It was probably them who developed the power to disappear people. Sort of like cold fusion or something.”


When asked what Mr. Trump intended to do with the power to disappear people, spokesman Miller explained. “Oh, that should be obvious. He’ll use the power to disappear people to solve America’s problems both here and around the world. He’ll disappear the illegal aliens who are living in our country illegally. He’ll disappear suspected Muslims and Latino’s — basically anybody who’s skin tone is darker than Beyonce’s will go first. He’ll disappear all of ISIS. Assad, Putin and the Ayatollah Khameineh all will be disappeared.


“He’ll disappear flat-chested women and flamboyant gay men. Criminals also will get disappeared. Think of the tax savings if we no longer have to maintain prisons! Teenage girls with acne. U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, of course. Ariana Huffington will get disappeared; her first, maybe. And jobless people! He’ll disappear jobless people, because the unemployment rate will plummet and his numbers will look great. Basically, Trump is gonna solve all of our problems by disappearing our enemies and people who aren’t real Americans or aren’t with the program in some way. Poof! Gone! Think of it!”