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Bachmann says that Medicaid is a “ghetto”

by The Big E on March 21, 2013

bachmann06Sometimes, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) just can’t seem to help herself or stop herself. Her communications staffer(s) will be putting a lot of overtime in as a result of this bit of insanity.
On the floor of the US House of Representatives she claimed that Medicaid is a “ghetto.” She’d already been to the podium on the House floor earlier to explain how Obamacare would kill people. The floor of the House is not CPAC2013 and this sort of crackpot bull**** is embarrassing.


Bachmann later came back to the floor and described Medicaid — a health care program for lower-income Americans — as a “ghetto.” “Here’s the one that no American wants to be in. It’s the Medicaid ghetto,” she said. “And that’s where the lowest possible care, where very few doctors will be available available to offer this kind of care.” While the program is not without problems, a study by the Government Accountability Office showed Medicaid beneficiaries were just as happy with their health care as those with private insurance.
(Think Progress)

Don’t forget that Marcus Bachmann accepted ghetto Medicaid payments for some ghetto work he did. Like to the tune of $137,000.


NBC News revealed Tuesday night that although GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has repeatedly denied benefiting from federal funding to her family’s farm or her husband’s clinic, the Bachmanns received $137,000 in Medicaid funds over the last five years to Marcus Bachmann’s “Christian family clinic,” along with $24,000 in federal funds to train clinic employees. That’s on top of the subsidies that went to a family farm in which she’s named as a partner, which received more than $250,000 in federal funds. Bachmann continues to deny benefiting from the farm, although she’s claimed income from the family business on her congressional disclosure forms.

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