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Banned from Twitter, Mary Franson resorts to embarrassing herself on Facebook

by The Big E on September 14, 2012 · 2 comments

Mary Franson just cannot contain herself. The inflammatory Representative from Alexandria just cannot stay out of the spotlight. And she’s never in it for any of the right reasons.

The evangelical christian got a restraining order out against her former boyfriend after he moved out (I know! Living in sin! So hypocritical) then suddenly dropped it. She’s embarrassed herself on YouTube comparing people on food stamps to animals. She’s embarrassed herself on Twitter so many times she deleted her Twitter account. And now on Facebook.

Here’s what she felt was pertinent and appropriate to say:

“Factoid: Peter denied Jesus 3x

MATTHEW 25:47-75

MARK 14:43-72

LUKE 22:47-71

JOHN 18:1-27

The DFL denied Christ 3x’s also before the Chair claimed that the amendment passed to [sic] but God into the Party Platform and recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel. Knowing that the DFL Party has publicly denied Christ – and has no regard for the unborn – how can Christian Americans still support that Party?”

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