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Can Mike McFadden be straightforward about anything?

by Dan Burns on April 21, 2014 · 1 comment

McFadden_titanic-300x300Mike McFadden has been running for Sen. Al Franken’s (D-MN) job for some time now. In political circles, what he has accomplished has been to get a reputation for being supremely evasive when it comes to addressing specific stances on specific issues. (The boilerplate, platitude-dominated issues pages on his campaign website are no better.) Obviously he and his staff have determined that that’s the best way to go, though even other GOPers are noticing.

Here’s an anecdote.

The thing about that interview that caught my attention though, was McFadden referencing his campaign using Snapchat to help raise his name recognition. This sounded a little weird to me as the only thing I had ever heard anyone use Snapchat for was to carry on illicit conversations. What good is Snapchat for raising name recognition?
Apparently not much good, I can’t find Mike McFadden on Snapchat. I also searched his Twitter feed for mentions of Snapchat, and found nothing. There is also no mention of it on his website.
So how exactly is he using Snapchat to raise his name recognition if I can’t even find him on Snapchat?

I’m not saying that some fibbing about an obscure social media site constitutes a major campaign blunder. Probably at some staff meeting they talked about getting him an account there, but it slipped whoever’s mind. But it sure is in keeping with everything that’s gone on, with him, so far. No doubt we’ll be subjected to many more slick commercials, but at some point, the candidate himself has to show something, if he even is going to get the GOP nomination. And right now, it’s not at all clear that he can show much of anything.

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