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Canceling student debt would be great, but there needs to be more

by Dan Burns on March 5, 2018

studentdebtThis article is really good, but something important needs to be added.

Picture the United States without student debt. It’s a country with a larger, more vibrant economy than the one we have today. It’s a country where more than a million people, including many people who never went to college, have jobs they would not otherwise have.
A new report from Bard College’s Levy Economics Institute concludes that this bold idea – cancelling all outstanding student debt – would help the entire economy and create more than a million jobs.
To those who say we can’t afford to cancel this debt, the report poses a new and different question: Can we afford not to?

Yes, when we get progressive governance, canceling student debt must be a top priority. But if commensurate goodies don’t manifest for those who didn’t/don’t go to college and therefore have no student debt, there is unlikely to be progressive governance for long. The point of putting the left in charge is to see that everyone except the 1% is better off.
As to what those commensurate goodies for those without student debt should be, I don’t presume to specify. Why not ask them?

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