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Trumped: Pocket of Resistance

by Bill Prendergast on January 18, 2017 · 0 comments


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minnesota_state_capitolThe assertions in the article are backed with ample quantities of data.

This year, (Minnesota Senate) Republicans get to appoint whomever they want to these committees. Fairness, tradition, the will of the electorate, and clearly established Senate Rules (see section 10.1) demand that Republicans do not simply screw Democrats on this.
Whatever party proportions are overall, that’s what committees are supposed to look like too. Which means that most should be about half and half, with a teensy advantage to the GOP.
But this session, Republicans are doing away with all pretense of bipartisanship. They’ve stacked the committees with so many of their own guys, Democrats will be totally powerless to object to any bills they want to ram through.
(City Pages)

This is actually just a small, but significant, example of the sort of thing that’s been going on all over this country, at all levels of power, for a while now. One of the clear lessons of history is that when those who’ve been provided tremendous wealth and power feel it threatened, they will, often via their political toadies, resort to ever-worsening excesses to try to hold on. Voter suppression, right-wing judicial overreach, and the use of Republican-owned “news” media as an all-but-explicit propaganda tool are just three of the most flagrant current examples. And it’s all really brought us to a wonderful place, now, hasn’t it?



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Trumped: Death Star, Schmeath Star, We Already Won

by Bill Prendergast on January 17, 2017 · 0 comments


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MN-02: MiniTrump starts off as expected

by Dan Burns on January 17, 2017 · 0 comments

lewisMy fingers burn with disgust as I type “Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN).”

During his successful congressional campaign to represent Minnesota‘s Second District, Jason Lewis said just because you are in the same party you don’t work in lockstep — adding that he would be someone who is principled over party — in contrast to his opponent, Angie Craig, who he said would be a rubber stamp for Hillary Clinton…
Representative Lewis did not object to the work schedule or to increasing reporting of contributions to Presidential Libraries … but he did object to the federal government ( the Executive Branch) establishing rules that address the amount of lead in public drinking water…
“Representative” Lewis also sponsored his first bill … H.R. 184 repealing the medical device excise tax…
For his first week on the job, “Representative” Lewis has proven to be a great friend to the Washington Establishment … something that has become quickly evident — who Jason Lewis “represents.”
(MN Political Roundtable)

More from the same place, here.

This is certainly not unexpected. Lewis’s pretensions to providing any kind of constituent-focused, self-determined voting record were ridiculous all along. Sadly, that’s a big part of why authoritarian right-wingers get out and vote for the likes of him.


30 Minutes with Ken Martin

by JeffStrate on January 13, 2017 · 0 comments

State DFL Chair Ken Martin and Tim O’Brien take measure of the 2016 election and the future of Democrats in Minnesota and the nation on this half hour Democratic Visions special. Martin and DFL Vice Chair Marge Hoffa took office in 2011 and are seeking a third term as DFL Party leads. Martin and Hoffa have a campaign website.


As of the publication of this post, only former State DFL Associate Chair Donna Cassutt (2005-2011) is challenging Martin. Cassutt served with state party Chair Brian Melendez who announced his retirement two days after the guberantorial vote recount that confirmed in December 2010 Mark Dayton’s win.   Cassutt has a campaign venue on Facebook.


Democratic Visions is an independent community access CableTV and internet program handcrafted by southwest suburban, lefty volunteers. I’m in my ninth year of producing the thing.


minneapolis_skyline__heroThere are elections for Minneapolis City Council in November. I’m not going to be blogging much about them yet, but I am passing this along. I think it’s realistic to suggest that more than a handful of voters in the city, to say the least, wanted and expected more “change,” however defined, after the turnover that happened in 2013.

But when asked what made them take the leap to run, any remaining nerves transformed into resolve. One by one they opened their eyes and spoke long held truths that became seeds for stump speeches: because representation matters, because racial equity, because of my community.
We focused on these seven candidates – Jillia Pessenda, Samantha Pree-Stinson, Phillipe Cunningham, Raeisha Williams, Jeremiah Ellison, Andrea Jenkins and Erica Mauter – because they bring in terms of race, gender identity and sexual orientation, an unprecedented level of diversity to the 2017 elections. Not only do they embody a new potential for Minneapolis politics to be more reflective of its growing populations than ever before, but with platforms heavily focused on social justice, racial and economic equity, they bring a potential to shift the balance of power on the City Council.
(Twin Cities Daily Planet)


bensonIt should always be kept in mind that right-wing drivel like this is inevitably spewed with one ultimate end in mind: disastrous outsourcing to greedheads. Assuming that we as a society are supposed to actually try to help those who need it, at all. Though not a Christian I can’t help but point out that the Bible certainly says that we should.

Senate Deputy Majority Leader Michelle Benson delivered a blunt message Friday to nonprofit leaders seeking state funding: Be prepared to prove your worth.
“When it comes to accessing public dollars, you will want to work really hard to prove what you’ve already done with the dollars you’ve already been given, whether it’s public dollars or private dollars,” said Benson, R-Ham Lake. “Be ready to deliver accountability.”
…“It’s a frightening time right now,” said Shelley Jacobson, CEO of Minnesota Communities Caring for Children/Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota. The nonprofit relies, in part, on state funding, and she said she was worried that could be stripped away.
Jacobson called Benson’s demands for proof of impact a Catch-22: “You have to have staff to be able to do the research.”
(Star Tribune)

As Sen. Benson (R-Ham Lake) has a safe seat I haven’t paid any attention to her during election seasons. She’s your typical Minnesota Party of Trump member, with a website that’s heavy on MNsure/ACA-bashing and whimpering about tax “relief.”


middleclassIf this might affect you personally you really should read the whole article. There are multiple factors in play.

Considering it’s been less than a decade since the real estate crash that plunged the world into economic calamity, you might think Republicans in Congress would be a little wary of legislation that risked infuriating voters by pushing down house prices.
Apparently not! As part of the massive tax-cut push they’ve cued up for this year, GOP leaders are quietly contemplating a proposal that would indirectly curtail the mortgage interest deduction, long considered a sacred cow of American tax policy. The move would almost certainly lead some home values to fall, though it’s hard to predict by how much.

Proper reform of the deduction would stick to making it a lot less of yet another handout to the rich man. But that’s not in the cards.


MNGov: A GOP rift already?

by Dan Burns on January 4, 2017 · 1 comment

mngopdonorsI’ve been taking for granted that House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) is a shoo-in for the Minnesota Party of Trump nomination for governor in 2018. Corporate media in the state certainly loves the guy. But Keith Downey is stepping down as the state Republican Party boss, and informed speculation about his intent is rampant.

Downey could remain politically visible after leaving his post. He’s widely mentioned as a potential candidate for governor in 2018, alongside a crowded field of other Republicans such as House Speaker Kurt Daudt, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, 2014 nominee Jeff Johnson and several state lawmakers.
(St. Paul Pioneer Press)

The deal appears to be, from what I’ve seen here and there on social media, that moneyed metro GOPers prefer Downey. So this could turn into a brawl. That would be cool.

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