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Center-left wins big in Canada

by Dan Burns on October 20, 2015 · 1 comment

canadaNote that the winning party is “center-left.” The more progressive NDP didn’t do so well. There were clearly considerable voter moves from the farther left to the center-left, to make sure a split didn’t keep conservatives in power, because Lord knows that has gone on for way, way too long. But the important thing is that the Canadian equivalent of Republicans got a hard, swift boot on their collective behind.


Justin Trudeau, the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, will be Canada’s next leader, after a dramatic federal election that ended the divisive reign of the Conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper.
The Liberal party won a surprise majority, taking 184 of the 338 seats in parliament with representatives in every province and roughly 40% of the popular vote.
(The Guardian)

Not to be a downer after what was a good election for Canada, but in politically relating this to the U.S. I’m compelled to dredge up some rather embarrassing recollections. After the GOP was crushed at the end of W’s time, in 2008, I’m pretty sure it crossed my mind at least briefly that certainly Americans would never give conservatives big wins in national elections anymore, now that they knew how bad right-wing governance could get, right? Heck, I’m old enough that I may well have thought that at the end of Reagan’s time in office. So I’m not prepared to claim that the right-wingnuts are done in Canada, once and for all. But at least things are headed in a better direction now.

From Eric Ferguson: The NDP is generally more progressive, but something Democrats need to pay attention to is that the Liberals ran on a promise of fiscal stimulus to counter the recession Canada is currently experiencing, including deficits for the next three years. They actually ran to the left of the NDP by going full keynesian, since the NDP promised a balanced budget which I suppose still somehow sounds more responsible to many ears, but apparently the Liberals explained it in a way Democrats failed to do. That’s actually sad that the “progressive” party was promising the same stupid policy Republicans used here to slow our recovery, and that Europeans used to inflict a depression on themselves.

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