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Chained Dog Snarl: House Select Committee on Benghazi Proves Mostly Pathetic

by Invenium Viam on October 23, 2015 · 1 comment

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)

October 22, 2015 ~ Washington


“I knew we had to make it look like something real after that idiot McCarthy blew our cover,” Rep. Trey “Wingman” Gowdy (R-SC) told reporters after adjourning the House Select Committee on Benghazi today. “So I knew the hearing was going to go long, but I wanted to wrap it up before it spilt over into prime time. That was a mistake.”


In what looked like an act of political arson against Republican’s chances of ever regaining the White House much before a hard frost in Hell, Chairman Gowdy allowed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to look remarkably and memorably presidential for eleven hours — four in prime time — while a half-dozen neutered Republican pitbulls in tutu’s danced for the cameras like a gaggle of trained toy poodles.


“We’re for sure f*cked for 2016 and it’s mostly my fault,” Gowdy admitted. “But how could I even guess that not one of my colleagues would be able to land a single punch in eleven friggin’ hours? Trained prosecutors my a**! If those guys are trained prosecutors then the law schools in this country have totally humped the dog. They may as well throw open the doors and start admitting talking parrots and chimpanzees.”


When asked if he expected a backlash from the GOP leadership for his stunning failure to extract even a few seconds of usable video for future GOP campaign ads, Gowdy seethed. “Look, first Speaker Boehner said another Benghazi committee was silly and a waste of time. Then somebody mentioned a hundred million dollars for the party and a new solar panel plant for his district and he changed his mind. If Boehner really wanted success on that committee, he’d have given it to someone smart. That’s not me. Look at me. Do I look smart?
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From Eric Ferguson: “They may as well throw open the doors and start admitting talking parrots and chimpanzees.” Only if they can be convinced to quit Congress.

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