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China bans import of many recyclable wastes

by Dan Burns on January 4, 2018

As the article explains, the fallout from this will be complex and substantial. I suspect, though, that for the time being U.S. firms will find other countries to dump on.


On New Year’s Day 2018, a new Chinese regulation banning the import of 24 different types of waste (came) into force, sending shock waves through the ­global, multibillion-dollar waste disposal and ­recycling industry.
Though the regulation is primarily designed to address major environmental and health issues in China, it will also be a genuine global disrupter. It has the potential to propel many waste-exporting countries – who for far too long have taken an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude to waste disposal – to adopt far more progressive disposal and recycling systems.
(South China Morning Post)

“Mountains of U.S. recycling pile up as China restricts imports” (USA Today)

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