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Class and consistency from Minnesota legislators

by Dan Burns on February 25, 2015

mncapitol2The past couple of years, there wasn’t cause for these kinds of posts on a frequent basis, because the legislative sessions were mostly worthwhile endeavors with positive results. Now, though, there’s a GOP majority in the House.

Well, the legislature has effectively quashed the Commissioner pay raises. The dutiful “watchdogs” saved the taxpayers the tidy sum of $800,000 and pretty much locked those salaries in place forever.
Its an easy political target. Salaries for government officials make great optics when you can compare them to salaries for the average Minnesotan. Another symbolic victory for politicians.
But if that is the case, then why didn’t the pay raises of some of the Republican legislative staff raise some eyebrows?

New bill introductions are up to over 1000 now, and the vast majority won’t get past an initial committeee assignment. Just noting that.

The House’s rural-urban divide took a big city vs. suburban turn Wednesday with the House Transportation Policy and Finance Committee giving its OK to a bill that would reallocate millions of dollars in sales tax revenue to all but the state’s two most populous counties.
HF710, sponsored by Rep. Jon Koznick (R-Lakeville), would move $32 million in sales tax collected on motor vehicle leases from the General Fund and put it toward Greater Minnesota transit and to the County State-Aid Highway Fund for use on metro area roads – except in Hennepin and Ramsey counties.
(TC Daily Planet/Session Daily)

Here are the facts on where money for roads has been coming from. Note where the only dark blue spot in the top map is at.

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