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Congressman Nolan on Face the Nation

by McKMN on January 7, 2013

Congressman Rick Nolan was on Face the Nation this morning. And I am proud to announce that Minnesota will no longer be a laughingstock as the nutjob specter of Bachmann has been replaced by the sanity of Rick Nolan.
Here’s what Jason Linkins of the Huff Post wrote of Nolans appearance in his Sunday Morning Live Blog which is always very funny in a smart sarcastic way.

Nolan says that he’s surprised that Congresscritters don’t work very hard anymore and then rails about how much our politics is governed by a “toxic” and “obscene” amount of money and I’m thinking, “Holy cow, how did THIS GUY get elected because it sounds like he’s actually sane and not some clapped-out cretinous piece of total filth.” (Sadly, it will probably be a matter of weeks before K Street sinks their lamprey-tentacle fangs into his husk and drains his soul down to Evan Bayh levels, but I will allow myself to LIVE IN HOPE for this unexpected demonstration of Buddy Roemerism.)

Thank you Congressman Nolan.

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