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Corporate news has plummeted to the Trumpian depths

by Dan Burns on January 23, 2018

This is the best thing I’ve read online, in any context, lately.

American mass media journalism is broken. There are some simple elements of US journalistic practice that have proved easy for special interests to hack, and the editors at least have allowed themselves to be used by sinister forces. (I am speaking primarily of television news here, and primarily of the 24 hour channels).
Despite the impression that Trump hates the press and forms a danger to it, the mass media actually has fallen for him, hard…
This news model also allowed climate denialists and before them cigarette cancer denialists to manipulate the system. If every story has two points of view and they are equal, then you have to present both. But where one side in this debate is factually incorrect, it means you are doing the opposite of journalism. You are diluting the truth with false, paid-for propaganda.
There aren’t two factually correct sides of every issue. Racism is not a legitimate explanation for anything. Immigrants are mostly law-abiding and do not take jobs from native-born people because they compete in different labor markets. There isn’t a fixed amount of labor (a “lump of labor”) in an economy– economies can expand precisely because there are more workers available than before.
Cable news is now pumping out Trump talking points hourly to millions of people around the globe, because of their broken business model. It is degrading our society and our human values.
(Informed Comment)

I remember the endless “debates” on cable news, when I used to watch it. They’re pretty much scripted, and it’s obvious that Rule #1 is that you never, ever humiliate the conservative, no matter how utterly idiotic the right-wing talking points being bloviated. It makes that crap especially annoying to deal with, and unfortunately it seems to be the case at outlets like TPT’s “Almanac” as well.

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