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Dan Kimmel for Minnesota House 56A

by Dan Burns on October 16, 2014 · 2 comments

kimmelThis is an open seat, and winnable. Tea Party Rep. Pam Myhra (R-Burnsville) signed on as Marty Seifert’s gubernatorial running mate, and so much for her political career in Minnesota. Our excellent candidate is Dan Kimmel. Here’s his Facebook. From his website:

That is why I support comprehensive and affordable health care for all. I support institutional and outpatient mental health programs and services that provide equal access, continuity of care, and protection of patient rights. We need programs that assist displaced veterans, youth and the homeless…
A vigorous and available system of public education is essential to a productive, democratic society. I support a strong system of public education at all levels with stable funding and equal educational opportunities, moderate class sizes and a safe, suitable environment for both students and teachers. We must have a broad curriculum of liberal arts, technology, social issues, vocational, and physical education; high standards for teachers and compensation that reflects the responsibilities society places on them. We need high quality, well-funded post-secondary education.
(Dan Kimmel for State Representative)

The far-from-excellent Republican candidate is Drew Christensen. He’s reality-challenged:

“I think they understand that some of our message is being lost to young people,” said the 2011 Prior Lake High School graduate. “I believe, and they believe, that Republicans have the right message for young people, and we’re the party of opportunity. We’re the party of jobs. At a base level, young people — my peers — want jobs and they want a prosperous future to be able to get married and have a family and settle down. And I think that’s something that’s slipping out of reach in our current economy and in our state.”
(ECM Election 2014)

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