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David Hann in real trouble over campaign finance violation?

by The Big E on November 19, 2013 · 3 comments

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Sen. David Hann (R-Eden Prairie) could very well be in some real trouble. A federal PAC for which he is Treasurer paid a former State Senator to work on Minnesota legislative races. This is illegal.
This isn’t Hann’s first ethical lapse. There seems to be a pattern of disregard for ethics and law.
While chairing the committee that oversaw Minnesota’s health insurance industry, he took a job with an insurance firm. Then he tried to hide it. The other legislator who took the same job, resigned under pressure.
He was one of the leaders who knew about the affair between Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and former sleaze-blogger, Deputy Party Chair and Communications Director for the Senate Majority Caucus. He lied about what he knew and when he knew it. He was never closely questioned by MN’s media.
In the run-up to the 2012 elections, Hann was associated with a Lunch Hour Lit Drop. Hann was a leader in the caucus and was surely aware of Republican staffers breaking the law and campaigning on state time.
Here’s the details on the latest illegal activity:

It’s likely that the media won’t ignore this behavior as the Minneapolis Star Tribune broke the story.

Former Sen. Ray Vandeveer, who represented the Forest Lake area in the Legislature for more than a decade, is getting back into the election business.
Vandeveer, a Republican, has been a paid consultant to the Minnesota Senate Victory PAC, the state Senate Republicans’ federal campaign arm, since early this year.
According to federal records, Vandeveer was paid $1,500 a month for consulting services through May. Sen. David Hann, Senate Republicans’ leader, said the consulting is ongoing.
Hann said that as a former member of the state House and the state Senate Vandeveer, whom he considers a friend, has a good political sense of the Minnesota electorate. Hann said that he talks to Vandeveer, who did not run for re-election last year, “fairly often” and he has taken on various tasks to prepare Senate Republicans for the 2016 elections.

Politics in MN emphasized that he worked on local legislative races while being paid by the federal PAC:

According to statements provided to the Star Tribune by Senate Minority Leader David Hann (R-Eden Prairie), Vandeveer is working on “various tasks to prepare Senate Republicans for the 2016 elections.” Senator Hann’s statement that former Senator Vandeveer is working on legislatives elections, while being paid by a federal PAC, raises interesting campaign finance questions.

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