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Dayton vetoes multiple right-wing bills

by Dan Burns on May 23, 2015 · 3 comments

capitolsculptureGood deal. The link has video of his news conference. Actually, as these bills contain way too much from the ALEC wish-list, none should have made it through the DFL-controlled Minnesota Senate to begin with.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton made an expected special session of the legislature even more complicated by vetoing two more bills on Saturday. He has vetoed the omnibus agricultural, environment and natural resources bill and the omnibus jobs and energy bill.
Dayton said the first bill undermined decades of environmental protections and the second one fell short in funding several critical areas.
The governor did say he signed the omnibus state government finance bill despite a section that outsources some duties of the State Auditor to private auditors. Dayton said he would make fixing that section a part of any special session he calls.
(The Uptake)

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From Eric Ferguson:
Any chance the special session could also bring back the Political Contribution Refund (PCR)? Every bit to water down the influence of dark money helps. The PCR was killed in the finance bill.
From Dan Burns: That was part of the state government finance bill, which Dayton signed, while noting he would nonetheless work to have the part of it that targets Rebecca Otto’s office removed during the special session. I couldn’t find any indication that he plans to go after the anti-PCR crap as well. I suspect the longer term plan is to reinstitute it in 2017, when we’ll likely have majorities across the board in state government again. May have to deal with another roadblock, though, in DFL legislative leadership, if you know what I’m saying.

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