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Dick shooters, Dick NRA, Dick GOP

by Dog Gone on October 2, 2015 · 2 comments

We have too many guns, too many shootings, too damn much money corrupting our government preventing action and too damn much right wing propaganda lying and distorting the discussion.  The President tells it straight, and the country needs to listen: we need to restrict guns better than we are doing.


According to the Freethinker,

In this Guardian report, Mercer described himself on an on-line dating site as as  a 26-year-old, mixed-race “man looking for a woman”. He said he was “not religious, but spiritual”, was a “teetotaler” living with his parents and was a conservative Republican.

If you look at the positions of the GOP candidates, NOT ONE is willing to address the issue of our gun violence problem; all are for more lax gun policies which lead to more violence, not more safety.


When 3 people shoot themselves in their shorts in one week, it should be obvious we have a problem.  It should be obvious guns are not making us free or safe, so many guns are making us numb and dumb, hurt and dead.


Comments below fold.

From Dan: Its not just Republicans. So-called progressives like Bernie Sanders are also to blame for the state of our gun control laws. He even voted against the Brady Bill.
From Dog Gone: His votes reflected his state. His presidential position is much better, and he has supported other gun control efforts. With Bernie, it would be a mistake to look at him as a candidate and demand the perfect, making it the enemy of the good. Rather I trust his position to change to reflect and respond to rising gun violence facts.

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