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“Doc” joins MN Secretary of State race

by Dan Burns on March 31, 2014 · 1 comment

1505291_846093212082858_829434554_nSo, Minnesota Republicans had a well-heeled Secretary of State candidate, Dennis Nguyen, but he dropped out. Former MN Sen. John Howe joined up. (Former Sen. Ted Daley decided not to run.) And then this, from late last week.

Former Republican state Rep. Dan “Doc” Severson announced his second campaign for Minnesota Secretary of State at a state Capitol news conference Thursday morning. DFL Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is not seeking a third term this fall.

Severson ran for the same office, and lost, in the GOP mega-wave year of 2010. The campaign is mostly remembered because he sought to be identified by his nickname, “Doc,” on the ballot. The idea was that people would confuse him with Doc Severinsen, an associate of the renowned talk-show host Johnny Carson, and fill in the oval next to his name on that basis. The judges told him to forget it.
What the whole “Doc” thing really was, was a great example of how “movement conservatism,” “Reaganism,” whatever you want to call it, really has always fundamentally been about nothing more or less than conning the rubes.
I can’t imagine that the GOP poobahs are privately any too ecstatic about this. They thought they had a candidate – Howe is not precisely thrilling, to be sure, but at least plausible – who could focus on the general election, seven months away. And now this clown shows up.

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