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Ellison calls Hannity the “worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen”

by The Big E on February 27, 2013 · 4 comments

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Accuses Hannity of being a shill for Republican party


Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL-MN) went on Fox News Sean Hannity Show last night. Most Democrats let Hannity bully them, talk over them, interrupt and generally abuse them. All in hopes of maybe getting a talking point in. But Ellison went on with an attitude and an agenda.


Hannity begins the segment by pushing the Republican attack line that the sequester is all Obama’s fault and that Obama was fear-mongering about the sequester. Then he introduces Ellison and he erupts. It’s awesome.



Ellison came out firing. The “worst excuse for a journalist” remark was just the opening salvo. He called the mashup deceptive “yellow journalism” and a “breach of every journalistic ethic I know of,” and then went straight for the breadbasket, calling Hannity a “shill for the Republican Party.” The best Hannity could say was to insist he was a “registered conservative” and not a Republican. Ellison was having none of it, and Hannity was reduced to sneering and inviting Ellison to “keep ranting.” He corrected Hannity’s assertion that Obama is responsible for the sequester, calling Hannity’s stance “a lie” and citing the GOP stance from August 2011 that they would drive the country into default if the government didn’t enact huge spending cuts (mostly in safety net programs). He then walked Hannity through a thumbnail sketch of the “Grand Bargain” negotiations. Hannity let him talk, but snorted and snuffled throughout to make sure his listeners didn’t get 10 seconds of Ellison’s talking without some oral cues that he, Hannity, thought Ellison was full of s**t.
There’s more, but the upshot is clear. Ellison had no use for Hannity’s garbage and would not play his game. He wouldn’t stay quiet and let Hannity throw out one bullshit assertion after another. “You’re a bully, Sean, and I’m not backing down to you.” After a couple of minutes of both men talking insistently over the other, Hannity finally reasserted his threatened conservative manhood by cutting his mic, all the while asserting that he had given Ellison more than a fair chance to express himself.
(Daily Kos)

Read the transcript at City Pages (Although I have no idea why why City Pages characterized Ellison’s outburst as “a meltdown.” This wasn’t a meltdown, it was responding in kind and it was honest.).
If you want interesting comments about Ellison’s appearance, follow the link above over to Daily Kos and wade through them. In my opinion, more Democrats should emulate Ellison on Faux Noise when they go on.

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