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EPA upgrades assessment of fracking threat to drinking water

by Dan Burns on December 14, 2016

fracking-infographic_webWith President-”elect” Donald Trump’s administration clearly preparing not only to allow, but to actively encourage, fracking always and everywhere, this has added significance.

U.S. EPA (Dec. 13) abandoned its contentious assertion that hydraulic fracturing hasn’t caused “widespread, systemic” problems with drinking water as it released the final draft of its study on the practice.
The agency’s multiyear research instead made the less-sweeping conclusion that “hydraulic fracturing activities can impact drinking water resources in the United States under some circumstances.”
…The change from the draft drew swift condemnation from industry groups this morning. The American Petroleum Institute called the change “beyond absurd” and said the Obama administration had decided to “reverse course” on the way out the door.
Environmental groups, which had seethed over the draft conclusion, said the report confirmed their long-standing accusations that oil and gas activity is dangerous.
(E&E News)

Also, this. I won’t venture to guess, at this time, how far Trump & Co. will go to actively try to undermine green energy. Green initiatives are in fact politically popular: in Florida, for example, voters rejected an amendment that would have screwed up efforts to install more solar.

And the good news is that NRDC’s Fourth Annual Energy Report reaffirms that, regardless of partisan ideological differences and even the possibility of climate naysayers in prominent federal roles, our clean energy transition is unstoppable for all the right reasons: lower bills, more jobs, and cleaner air.
(National Resources Defense Council)

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