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Even conservatives think Bachmann is wrong

by Dog Gone on March 21, 2013 · 2 comments

bachmann-bashSomeone should explain to Michele Bachmann that running for office is a metaphor, not a literal track and field competition. She’s been running away from people at considerable speed, while ducking and dodging conversations with others.
When you have to hoof it for the hills, you’re doing something wrong.
Last night Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly lit into the Congresswoman for wrongly attacking Obama over her false claims about extravagant living. The WaPo fact checkers gave her their harshest rating, 4 pinnochios for her false claims about the president – like her crazy claims about his trip to India during his first term.
We tend to expect people who deal in facts, rather than the right wing alternate reality bubble, to call out Bachmann, as they also did for her crazy, factually deficient rant at CPAC as well. After all, Bachmann is pretty much a 24 / 7 fountain of right wing ideology without any contamination of reality.
It’s entirely different to see the right wingers at Fox News going after tea party queen Bachmann, calling her crazy. They are as chronically inaccurate and misleading as she is, a genuine pot/kettle blackness competition. It strongly suggests her star has fallen faster than the recent asteroid crashing in Russia.
As noted by Raw Story

On Tuesday, Bachmann had fled CNN cameras after reporter Dana Bash confronted her about the claims she had made at the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend.
As the congresswoman briskly walked away, she claimed that the speech had been about the president’s failures in Benghazi.
During his Wednesday broadcast, O’Reilly said that Bachmann had also refused to talk to him.
“This would be much ado about nothing if not for the fact that trivial attacks on President Obama obscuring serious problems in this country,” the Fox News host explained. “[E]very other president in history has lived in comfort, and it looks like President Bush the younger had a bigger White House budget than Barack Obama does. This is a trivial pursuit and Michele Bachmann made a mistake pursuing it.”
“Mr. Obama is entitled to convenience, protection and comfort as he runs the nation,” O’Reilly added. “Congresswoman Bachmann and all opponents of Mr. Obama should zero in on what’s really important: the president’s failure to deal with out-of-control spending and his core belief that America’s not a fair country. That’s what’s important, not who’s walking the presidential dog. By the way, that’s the gardener who walks the dog. And he’s always walked the dog!”

I would argue that Bachmann has the same problem being perceived as running away from reporters with tough questions that tripped her up in her presidential run — and that was a challenge to other Republican candidates that dodged the hard questions from reporters. The Romney / Ryan ticket was notoriously light on details when pressed, which did not impress voters, clearly. Ryan ended interviews that had hard questions. Romney tap danced like Fred Astaire around questions relating to his off-shoring jobs, and his not so private donor ‘47%’ comments. Bachmann ran away from hard questions every time, cutting off any reporter who asked her something she didn’t like – notably on the gay reparative therapy her clinic offered, and the blunder on papilloma virus vaccine causing mental retardation. I don’t think anyone believes people who dodge the hard questions are potential good leaders, just cowards and crazies.
I would argue the problem is not ‘small ball’  but big factual failure.

The attack by Bill O’Reilly raises the important question, what will Bachmann do to try to regain her right wing status? Her grandstanding over an attempt to widen I-94 in her district looks like a failure, so what will she try next? Her chances are looking less rosy to win a second time against Jim Graves, so will she try for a more prestigious office short of the Presidency again – like Senator or Governor? I’d bet she would have even less chance succeeding at that, but bad odds did not discourage her from trying to be the GOP candidate. Other candidates and wannabes have ended up on Fox News, it is like the right wing safety net for failures like Herman Cain and Sarah Palin — but if they’re going after Bachmann, like Palin she might be too dumb for even Fox News to be willing to take her on in the future. That could be a factor in what she decides to do in 2014, with diminishing options available to her.

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