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Fighting Enbridge disasters-waiting-to-happen oil pipelines

by Dan Burns on April 27, 2017 · 1 comment

oilspillA couple of recent developments.

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, Sierra Club, MN350, and Center for Biological Diversity filed comments (April 17) opposing reauthorization of a permit that could allow Enbridge’s existing Line 3 pipeline to operate in the Chippewa National Forest for up to thirty years. Substandard welding and extensive corrosion on thousands of joints risk an immediate tar sands oil spill from the pipeline. The permit being sought by Enbridge would allow a six pipeline corridor, including Line 3, to continue to operate across Chippewa National Forest land. The existing permit expires at the end of 2017. Because of the threat to the Chippewa National Forest, the conservation groups argue Enbridge’s special use permit application should be denied, or at a minimum, that environmental review of the application is required.
(Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy)

In 1990, a helicopter patrol spotted a patch of oil on the ground about a mile south of Millecoquins Lake near Engadine. The oil was from Enbridge Line 5, which had spilled 630 gallons through a pinhole leak.
That spill is among almost 30 spills along the pipeline — many of them previously unknown or largely forgotten incidents — unearthed in federal records by National Wildlife Federation (NWF) pipeline safety specialist and researcher Beth Wallace.
The organization released the results of Wallace’s research this week, estimating that Line 5, which runs from Superior, Wis., to Sarnia, Ontario by way of Michigan, has spilled at least 1.13 million gallons of oil in 29 incidents since 1968.

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From Mac Hall: FYI : Did you know that Republicans Dave Trott (MI-11) and Jack Bergman (MI-01) along with Democrat Debbie Dingell (MI-12) have introduced H.R.458 – Preserve Our Lakes and Keep Our Environment Safe Act. Don’t be shocked that Minnesotans Emmer, Lewis and Paulsen have ignored their bill.
The Enbridge pipeline that passes through Wisconsin – Michigan has had at least 29 leaks in its 64-year history—spilling more than 1 million gallons of oil and gas liquids and even Enbridge acknowledged that where the pipeline crosses under the Straits of Mackinac, there are 18 points that have “delaminated,” meaning an outer casing has fallen off.
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