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Grover Norquist is a Sekret Moslem!

by gregladen on June 2, 2013 · 4 comments

clowncarCathie Adams, leader of the Texas Eagle Forum, of anti-woman Phyllis Schlafly fame, has proof.


This is important and let me tell you why. When Jim Graves pulled out of the Minnesota 6th district race, the reaction of a lot of people is that the 6th district would elect a Republican representative because it is essentially a Republican district.


However, being a Republican District does not guarantee anything. In order for there to be a Republican member of Congress in the 6th district, that district’s Republican Party has to put forward a candidate that can win. But the Minnesota GOP is in shambles, and the GOP overall is infested with Cathie Adams-esque bizarro activists. Compare the following two scenarios: A reasonably well organized Democratic Party (DFL) goes through the list and a handful of potential candidates run for the endorsement and nominations. They keep it clean and nice, to avoid post-caucus hatred and resentment, so no matter who wins the caucus/nomination (let us not dwell at this time on the differences) the candidate the party puts forward is as strongly supported as possible. Meanwhile the MN GOP fights over whether or not having a beard makes you a Mosselman. They put together a list of horrible candidates and form that list they pick the worst one.


I do hope local Democratic Activists are paying attention to the fact that the GOP has certain weak spots and that the Democrats have certain strengths, and act accordingly.


Or, this could all go very badly and we could end up with Cathie Adams moving to Saint Cloud and … oh, never mind, forget I ever said that.


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