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Hann Meets Cwod

by JeffStrate on October 20, 2016 · 1 comment

Minnesota Senate Minority Leader David Hann is seeking a fifth consecutive term in the Minnesota Senate. He represents Senate District 48, southern Minnetonka and all of Eden Prairie.


Challenger and first time canididate Steve Cwodzinski has recently been endorsed by former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson (R) and former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale (DFL).   I have met the recently retired Eden Prairie High School teacher and debut candidate several times this year, most recently for the taping of a discussion with DFL elder Tim O’Brien for Democratic Visions.


‘Cwod’ (pronounced ‘swod’ – a nickname that his students long ago attached to him), seems to be energized by the same progressive, populist currents that propelled Paul and Shiela Wellstone. Cwod, however, has a more engaging sense of humor then the Wellstones, who are among Steve’s heros. Cwodzinski is from a Superior, Wisconsin working class family and says that he will fight to get Minnesotans paid medical and family leaves and equal pay for equal work.


Steve says he will also work to close loopholes in gun laws that continue to enable criminals and domestic abusers to acquire guns. He will work to ease the severe, statewide shortage of school counselors and to get more 4-year olds into pre-school programs to fix what he calls “the opportunity gap.” Although Southwest Light Rail has found local funding to qualify for a federal matching grant and is moving forward, Cwodzinski has been aligned with local Chambers of Commerce and the elected City Councils of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka in support of the project. David Hann, the buttoned-down obstructionist, has not.


Senate District 48 is seen as a can win opportunity by the DFL and the left of center PACs. Cwod’s campaign itself, has been infused with an unusually high number of un-paid volunteers; former students who are energized and social media savvy.

Comment below fold.

From Mac Hall: Call me a radical, but I happen to care about kids and firefighters, so I am disgusted by those that fail to address the need to to get flame retardants out of products that expose families to unnecessary and ineffective toxic chemicals in their own homes …. and expose firefighters to carcinogenic byproducts when they enter burning buildings with these products in them.
So, ya gotta ask why hasn’t the Minnesota Legislature enacted the Toxic Free Kids Act — it’s not like they don’t know about S1099 … just read the supporting letters.
The Minnesota Department of Health produced a list of nine chemicals, known as Priority Chemicals, that are either persistent in our environment and bodies and/or have been found to cause health effects like cancer, reproductiveharm or adverse effects on brain development. These chemicals include bisphenol A (BPA), cadmium, lead,formaldehyde, 3 types of phthalates (BBP, DBP, and DEHP) and 2 types of flame retardants (deca-BDE and HBCD). The Toxic Free Kids Act would require manufacturers to disclose when they are using any of the 9 Priority Chemicals in a product marketed to children under the age of 12. Yet, when given a chance to vote on this … Hann voted NO.
If you won’t vote to protect kids and firefighters, why should anyone vote for you ?
The legislature with the approval of Governor Dayton did enact The Firefighter and Children Health Protection Act of 2015 which was a step in the right direction … but not as far as we need to go.
BTW … voting NO against that bill was — shockingly only Republicans — including Kurt Daudt 31A Steve Drazkowski 21B Sondra Erickson 15A Jerry Hertaus 33A Joyce Peppin 34A … an issue that voters should consider as they cast their ballot.

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