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HD17A Tim Miller would ban abortion under all circumstances

by Eric Ferguson on October 10, 2014 · 3 comments

Willmar Tea Party Rally featuring Tim Miller

Willmar Tea Party Rally featuring Tim Miller

Maybe that’s not what GOP candidate for HD17A, Tim Miller, meant to say, but how else do you take this statement on abortion?

Our nation has lost respect for all life through the abortion industry. This is a blight on our nation and it must be ended. I do not support abortion of any kind as my oldest stepdaughter is a product of rape/incest.

Not even if the mother’s life is in danger? Why? Because women will lie about medical problems in order to qualify for an abortion? Because he doesn’t believe their medical conditions are ever really that serious?
I suppose, if he wins, we can hope he just forgot to make that exception. Should women with medical emergencies just hope he merely forgot to consider their circumstances and he won’t get in their way if he’s elected? That’s asking a bit much.
Speaking of a bit much, I hope his stepdaughter is OK with having something so personal disclosed to the world. If she didn’t consent, I bet a difficult conversation ensued at home. She has nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s her right to keep it private if that’s her choice. By the way Mr. Miller, what is the “abortion industry”? Do you know or are you repeating someone’s talking points?
I do find it generally odd when all these conservatives who try to deflect questions on global warming with the claim that they aren’t scientists suddenly turn into obstetricians when it comes to telling women and doctors what to do.
Hopefully Mr. Miller understands that I’m attacking his position, not his manhood.

When and why have we become a country of finger pointing victims? When I was a kid, if someone called me a name or questioned, say for example, my manhood, I chose to prove them wrong. Nowadays we run screaming foul.

I can’t tell if that means he proved them wrong by picking a fight or showing off his wiener, but I assure him I’m uninterested in being on the receiving end of either of those. The radical positions and repetitions of tea party nonsense are the objectionable parts.
Though I guess to give credit, unlike Republicans who courted the people demanding the Kenyan Muslim produce his real birth certificate, and now say “What tea party?” when the press comes calling (Hello Jeff Johnson!) Miller at least is up front about being a tea partier:

Not that Miller’s far-right fealty was in any doubt:

Miller presumably knew Colin Peterson (DFL-CD7) is merely the ranking member of the Agriculture Committee, and can’t put through anything Republicans won’t let through, which was pretty much nothing. Republicans didn’t care enough to actually get the farm bill done in a timely manner, but cared enough to try to deflect the blame when this didn’t go over well among farmers.
Blaming Peterson for the government shutdown is actually even more dishonest, since Republicans were still demanding a government shutdown, including tea party activists. I guess credit Miller for having the instincts to recognize the shutdown was going to backfire badly, so better start blaming the people telling you not to do what you’re doing.
And since government shutdowns are so awful, will Miller pledge to oppose his party in it’s next attempt to shut down the state government? These shutdowns keep hurting them, yet Republicans don’t learn and keep doing it again, so presumably, if they succeed in flipping the state House, they’ll do it again.
Best not to give Miller and his party the chance. Miller’s opponent in this purple district is incumbent Rep. Andrew Falk, who won narrowly in 2012. Some cash his way would be helpful.

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