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House Passes Wage Increase

by NelsonInz on May 6, 2013 · 2 comments

63ASo the Mn. House of Representatives passed an increase to the state’s minimum wage yesterday on a vote of 68-62. An amendment to include a Tip Penalty failed on a tie vote. I’ve been trying to figure out who voted in favor of the Tip Penalty so I can remind them that servers are among the lowest paid people in the state. If you know the votes, please comment below.


Lost to much of the media was a successful amendment sponsored by Rep. Jim Davnie that would make it illegal for restaurants to use employee tips to pay credit card fees. Thanks Representative Davnie.


Opponents of the wage increase had the usual barrage of ridiculous arguments about how increasing the min wage causes unemployment. If anyone is interested, here is some interesting evidence to the contrary. The article contains this graph which clearly shows no correlation between unemployment and wage increases.


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