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Is Bachmann (really) in trouble?

by Joe Bodell on April 18, 2013 · 1 comment

Perhaps a foreboding title

Perhaps a foreboding title

The Big E noted the first round yesterday, and now there’s more trouble on the horizon for everyone’s favorite insane person: former Bachmann staffer (and little-person wrestling aficionado) Andy Parrish is signing an affidavit confirming that Bachmann’s presidential campaign did some very very bad things in Iowa.


Having maintained a public silence so far, Parrish referred questions Wednesday to his attorney, John Gil­more, who said his client will corroborate allegations from another former Bachmann aide, Peter Waldron.

Waldron, a Florida pastor, claims that the campaign hid payments to Iowa Sen. Kent Sorenson, in violation of Iowa Senate ethics rules that bar members from receiving pay from presidential campaigns.


Say what you will about the Republican Party’s politics, but as an organization they know how to close ranks and take care of their own. Conversely, they know when to cut loose a cancer that’s hanging around their necks (witness the expulsion of Sarah Palin from the party’s upper echelons after 2008). And that’s increasingly what this is looking like for Bachmann. Let’s be honest with ourselves: if the GOP really wanted to stop this ethics investigation, they could. If they really wanted Parrish and Sorenson to keep quiet, they could make the two offers they couldn’t refuse. That the investigation is going forward and these guys are signing sword statements means the party is either unable or unwilling to do what it takes to protect Bachmann from these charges.


And really, why should they? In a heavily Republican district, why should the NRCC have to drop half a million bucks every other year, four cycles in a row, to protect someone who theoretically should be an entrenched incumbent by now? That will be the real tell: with Jim Graves running again after missing by a hair’s breadth in 2012, will the NRCC keep Bachmann on its frontline defense list? Or will they too cut bait on a member who may finally have grown too toxic even for the modern Republican Party?

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