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Just, no. Not Pete Hegseth for VA boss

by Dan Burns on December 12, 2016

hegsethHegseth is known now as one of Fox “News’s” stable of obnoxious, vainglorious half-wits, but in fact he has a Minnesota connection. He ran for the GOP nomination in the state for U.S. Senate in 2012, and lost. I’ll let VoteVets take it from here.

Pete Hegseth has been pushing a plan to slowly kill off the VA through privatization; casting veterans into the cold, to deal with the private, for-profit system with vouchers. That plan is opposed by strong majorities of veterans, in scientific polling, and by the major Veterans Service Organizations. He was such a disastrous head of Concerned Veterans for America, that the Kochs let him go and replaced him. Someone who isn’t good enough for even the Koch Brothers should not be in charge of helping veterans.

For his cabinet, the President-”elect” has been emphasizing not any kind of demonstrated competence at running anything, but rather ideological extremism and willingness to pucker up and kiss the noisome Trump behind at any and all times. He has also reportedly been considering former Senator and naked centerfold model Scott Brown for the VA job. And America’s biggest idiot, Sarah Palin. Great company to be in.

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