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Keith Ellison for DNC chair looks serious

by Dan Burns on November 11, 2016 · 2 comments


Keith Ellison is rapidly pulling in serious endorsements as the next DNC chair. The Minnesota Representative has already lined up support from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who said that Ellison would be “terrific.” Now Rep. Ellison also has Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in his corner.
(Daily Kos)

I admit that I was a little surprised when I first saw this. Why Keith Ellison? His intelligence? His integrity? His courage? His fundamental decency and concern for others? All of these making him precisely the opposite of the president-elect and those with whom he’s surrounding himself?
You know what? This does make sense.
Comments below fold.

From Mac Hall: Question : Has Keith Ellison indicated that if he becomes DNC chair, he would resign from Congress ?
Didn’t the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz experience prove that there needs to be separation from elective office and party operations ?
As a taxpayer, it bugs me that I see taxdollars being expended for legislative staff who “moonlight” on congressional campaigns (i.e. John-Paul Yates, Troy Young) … should an elective Congressman also have direct responsibilities for party operations ? IF Tom Emmer, Jason Lewis or Erik Paulsen took this type of job, should taxpayers complain … especially when they are out of session for days/weeks/months throughout the year ? How quickly will TwitterTrump and Rush Limbaugh make “Keith E. Hakim” the face of the Democrat Party ? (Let’s be frank, how much did Ali C. Ali’s name hurt his election chances (SD 55 votes = 13,282 while the HD55A&B DFL candidates got 15,706.)
I am an outsider, but it seems that since Ray Buckley, Howard Dean, Martin O’Malley, and Tom Perez are not in elective office, they would be better suited.
OK … now the real questions that should be asked : What policy or strategy proposals distinguish Keith Ellison from other potential candidates ?
If Ellison has the right proposals, give him the job but tell him to resign from Congress … after all, it won’t change the control of the House. Besides, if he didn’t get the job, he would be one more voice that could advocate for Party positions.
From Dan Burns: I suspect that Keith could multitask just fine, especially since he doesn’t have to worry about having to fundraise megabucks for his own reelection.
I consider your other concern legitimate. But I suspect that Sen. Warren knows of it as well, and as she still considers Rep. Ellison a “wonderful” candidate (I’m pretty sure that’s the word I saw her quoted as using) I’ll trust her judgment. A man named “Barack Obama” handily won two presidential elections, after all.

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