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Mark Andrew’s Mayoral Campaign is Uniting Minneapolis

by Mark Andrew For Minneapolis on July 17, 2013 · 2 comments

Laura Pratt, President of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities College Democrats
mark-andrew During the two weeks prior to the Minneapolis City Convention, our city witnessed an exciting sprint to the endorsement between five strong DFL candidates. The convention ultimately ended without an endorsement — and what had seemed to be a hundred-meter dash turned into a marathon. It has now been a month since the convention. In that time, it has become increasingly clear that Mark Andrew is the frontrunner in this race.
Today, I discovered that former Vice President Walter Mondale has declared his support for Mark. Vice President Mondale joins an impressive list of endorsements — including elected officials such as Congresswoman Betty McCollum, prominent community members, including Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and organizations like the Minnesota Young DFL.
Mark’s list of supporters continues to grow every day. And as President of College Democrats at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, one of Mark’s most recent endorsements, I know why.
First off, Mark has energy. Anyone who has spoken to him understands what I’m talking about. He’s incredibly passionate about our city. He’s also deeply knowledgeable about the issues facing Minneapolis, and has continually proven his commitment to solving them. These attributes make his vision for Minneapolis stand out.
As a student, I want our city to be sustainable and vibrant. Mark’s progressive vision will focus on a creating a greener, more equitable city for all. Mark Andrew has the capacity and the vision to create the Minneapolis of the future. And this is why Mark Andrew has my support — and the support of the College Democrats at the U.

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