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Michele Bachmann: GOP reappoints her to House Intelligence Committee

by Bill Prendergast on January 10, 2013 · 2 comments

Yesterday the Huffington Post reported that the Republican leadership reappointed Michele Bachmann to a seat on the House Intelligence Committee. That is news because Rep. Bachmann is without a doubt Congress’ number one conspiracy nut.

And if you actually care about national security, you don’t appoint demagogues and conspiracy nuts to the congressional committee overseeing America’s intelligence services. Because that committee has access to classified materials. And conspiracy nuts or demagogues appointed to that committee, can cite their access to those materials to lend credibility to any crazy, lying, irresponsible charge they might make against the United States government.

And that is exactly what Michele Bachmann has done, during her tenure on the House Intelligence Committee. She has cited her access to classified materials as justification for wild charges of Muslim radical infiltration of the White House. (When criticized for making the charges without offering any substantive proof, Bachmann backed off and claimed she had merely “been asking questions.”)

The GOP leadership’s decision to reappoint Bachmann to the House Intelligence Committee signals that they find this reckless garbage acceptable. The leadership could have reassigned Bachmann to any one of a number of committees where she could do much less harm. Instead, a GOP congress facing lower public approval ratings that lice–has decided once again to lend credibility to a notorious lying demagogue. Boehner and Cantor know that Bachmann uses her status on the Intelligence Committee to circulate lies and paranoia for political gain–it’s not that she “stoops” to doing that, sometimes: it’s that she never “straightens up.”

And the House Republican leadership know that, and reappoint her anyway. So don’t let anyone in media tell you that the GOP leadership has contained or completely disowned Michele Bachmann. And don’t let anyone in media tell you that the GOP is better on national security than the Dems. They can’t be, if they appointed her again.

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