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Minneapolis DFL precinct caucuses Tuesday

by Dan Burns on April 2, 2017

minneapolis_skyline__heroMinneapolis DFL precinct caucuses are Tuesday (April 4) night at 7PM. Here’s the Minneapolis DFL webpage with the precinct caucus locations and lists of those seeking endorsement. (Caucuses actually select delegates, who then endorse, or not, later.) I haven’t troubled to look up which candidates have said they will abide by any DFL endorsements. I strongly suspect that far from all of them have said, or will say, any such thing. Here is a more user-friendly guide to caucusing, for newbies, from Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. It is partisan, and my linking it doesn’t imply agreement, or not, with its general take on things.
There is a lot of speculation about who is vulnerable. It’s no secret that many progressives in the city feel that the Mayor and City Council should have produced a lot more “change,” however defined, since the considerable turnover resulting from 2013. I, personally, am not about to run my mouth on that (happy though I am to do precisely that, on most issues, online). I don’t live in Minneapolis, and I’m just here to provide a convenient source of information. Which I will continue to do, now and then, throughout the summer and fall.
The thing is, Mayor Betsy Hodges is not the most powerful politician in Minneapolis. Not even close. Rather, that would be City Council President Barb Johnson. Many people are not unhappy with that; others are. We’ll see whether either side dominates the caucuses.

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