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Minneapolis school superintendent pick facing serious uncertainty – Update

by Dan Burns on January 11, 2016

school-bus-stop-clip-art-yellow-schoolbus-childlike-drawing-4389671(1)You know, intelligent, reality-based people saw this coming.

Minneapolis school board members appear to be giving up on Sergio Paez as their next superintendent.
In interviews with the Star Tribune over the weekend, six sources who are close to the debate but asked not be named, said that Paez appears to be lacking majority support going into a vote on Tuesday…
While some board members will ask for a complete reboot of the superintendent search, sources said, others favor offering the job to (interim superintendent Michael) Goar.
(Star Tribune)

This, from Bright Light Small City, has apt remarks about the search firm that recommended Paez.

What is badly needed in this position (indeed, what every school district in the world needs) is someone who is staunchly pro-public schools and anti-greedhead deformer. And who will look to crush the latter in every way, and at every opportunity.
Update: “Paez out in Minneapolis; school board delays vote on runner-up”

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