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Minnesota GOP convention: Unity behind Trump?

by Dan Burns on May 22, 2016


Minnesota Republican Party leaders are calling for unity behind presumed presidential nominee Donald Trump as GOP faithful gather at their state convention this weekend…
Not everyone was aboard the Trump train.
In party meetings Friday ahead of the convention, a resolution reaffirming the right of party members to “focus efforts on races of their own choosing” failed on a voice vote. The majority of members of the Minnesota GOP’s governing body, the State Central Committee, voted against the measure indirectly aimed at Trump.
(Rochester Post-Bulletin)

The big question is whether long-time Republican voters who will simply refuse to vote for a presidential candidate who openly stands for racism, bigotry, and misogyny – and there are plenty; I know some, myself – will show up to vote in down-ballot races. I don’t know of a way to predict that, at this time.

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