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Minnesota GOPers blocking Legacy Amendment spending

by Dan Burns on March 24, 2016

bwcaToo much of the article is a platform for right-wing minimizing and justifying. But the second part of this blockquote has the bottom line.

But in one of several similar actions taken at the Legislature this session, House Republicans have deleted the proposal in a stand against additional acquisition of public land.
While the sentiment isn’t new, some conservation group leaders and DNR officials say the ideology is stronger than ever and threatening to undo millions of dollars in outdoors-friendly public land deals vetted and embraced last year by the LCCMR and the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council…
LCCMR director Susan Thornton said the discussion isn’t new, but she’s hearing it “a little more often.” She also said she can’t remember a year when proposed public land purchases endorsed by LCCMR were cut at the Legislature to the extreme they were this year in McNamara’s committee. The deleted land deals had a combined price tag of $6.06 million, or 72 percent of total LCCMR cuts made by the committee.
(Star Tribune)

The primary culprit appears to be Rep. Denny McNamara (R-Hastings), chair of the relevant House committee, who has something of a history with issues like this.
Many Minnesota conservatives have simply never processed, and never will process, in their puny little right-wing pea-brains, that the citizenry would vote to raise its own taxes for the sake of the natural environment and (good God!) the arts. Ergo, the above.

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