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Minnesota soybean farmers could get crushed by Trump trade war

by Dan Burns on April 5, 2018 · 2 comments

Manure_spreader_Record_2When Republicans do well in elections in Minnesota, it’s generally because outstate DFLers didn’t vote. It seems like many only do vote when they’re angry, anxious, really disgusted, etc.

The president of the American Soybean Association (ASA) issued a scathing statement Wednesday in response to Donald Trump’s escalating trade war with China that suggests just how “devastating” Trump’s offensive could be at the polls in November.
“It should surprise no one that China immediately retaliated against our most important exports, including soybeans. We have been warning the administration and members of Congress that this would happen since the prospect for tariffs was raised,” ASA President and Iowa farmer John Heisdorffer said, adding that China’s plan to impose 25 percent levies on soybeans would be “devastating” to American soybean farmers.
(Daily Kos)

It’s probably more likely than not that something will get worked out before the next harvest. But in any case uncertainty makes it harder to get loans and so forth. And the last thing a lot of farmers need is more stress.
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From Mac Hall: Isn’t the logical thought that Trump’s actions would cause stress for American farmers ?
Well, Tom Emmer must have anticipated this since he authored Stemming the Tide of Rural Economic Stress and Suicide (STRESS) Act (H.R. 5259) to make mental health treatment more available to farmers.
Sound good doesn’t it ?
Well, don’t be fooled by this re-election ploy … the bill has ZERO dollars in it … in fact, the provision for it was included in prior farm bills but the Republican-controlled House has never funded it.
Why should anyone think that it would when Emmer voted against the most recent government funding bill ?

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