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MN-02: All My GOP Candidates

by Dan Burns on June 2, 2016 · 2 comments

uscapitolThis thing is taking on a soap-operatic quality.

He wants to build a wall. He refers to himself in the third person. He’s not Donald Trump, but he appeared on TV as Trump’s campaign spokesman in Minnesota. Now he’s running for Congress.
Matt Erickson becomes the fourth candidate to join the primary race for the second congressional district Republican nomination to replace retiring Congressman John Kline…
Erickson was Donald Trump’s Minnesota volunteer coordinator and appeared on TPT as Trump’s campaign spokesman. He claims to be the, “True Conservative,” in the field. “Real trailblazers like Donald Trump are the leaders that we’re looking for,” said Erickson.
(The Uptake)

Jason Lewis won the endorsement over another radical right candidate, David Gerson. The “mainstream” candidates, Darlene Miller and John Howe, didn’t try very hard for that, and are primarying Lewis. The district’s (and state’s, and national) establishment Republicans would undoubtedly have preferred that Howe drop out and give Miller – who is endorsed by the current officeholder, Rep. John Kline (R-MN) – a real chance to beat Lewis.
So Miller and Howe would split the “sane” vote, and Lewis would win in a walk. But along comes this new guy, with his direct connection to the Great and Powerful Trump, to split the far-right lunatic vote as well. Lewis, who maybe remains the favorite, is obnoxiously self-important and self-satisfied, but at the same time extremely touchy. Not a likable combination, but very common among far-right politicos. Probably Erickson is that way, too. Fun times!
The Democratic candidate is the most excellent Angie Craig.
Comment below fold.

From Mac Hall: It’s too bad that Jason Lewis is already running because Matt Erickson sounds a lot like what Jason liked about Michele Bachmann. Are you familiar with Lewis’ comment (who regarded her as an up-and-comer with uncommon political backbone) when he threw the full weight of his show behind her? “I was leading the charge to get more House crazies elected,” he remembered with a grin.
Yep … that’s what the House needs … more crazies.
Sorta makes you wonder if Lewis is pleased to see Erickson’s past comments getting airplay … sorta makes Lewis seem less crazy.
Yep on a 0-10 crazy scale Erickson is a solid 11 while Lewis is just a 10.

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