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MN-02: MiniTrump starts off as expected

by Dan Burns on January 17, 2017 · 1 comment

lewisMy fingers burn with disgust as I type “Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN).”

During his successful congressional campaign to represent Minnesota‘s Second District, Jason Lewis said just because you are in the same party you don’t work in lockstep — adding that he would be someone who is principled over party — in contrast to his opponent, Angie Craig, who he said would be a rubber stamp for Hillary Clinton…
Representative Lewis did not object to the work schedule or to increasing reporting of contributions to Presidential Libraries … but he did object to the federal government ( the Executive Branch) establishing rules that address the amount of lead in public drinking water…
“Representative” Lewis also sponsored his first bill … H.R. 184 repealing the medical device excise tax…
For his first week on the job, “Representative” Lewis has proven to be a great friend to the Washington Establishment … something that has become quickly evident — who Jason Lewis “represents.”
(MN Political Roundtable)

More from the same place, here.

This is certainly not unexpected. Lewis’s pretensions to providing any kind of constituent-focused, self-determined voting record were ridiculous all along. Sadly, that’s a big part of why authoritarian right-wingers get out and vote for the likes of him.

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