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MN-03: Rep. Paulsen on campaign finance and guns

by Dan Burns on June 20, 2016 · 1 comment

paulsen2(You can help out the Democratic candidate, Terri Bonoff, here.)


Now Paulsen, the recipient of more than $500,000 in donations from the (medical device) industry, has thrown his wealthy handlers another bone. He cast a vote for a bill that would allow tax-exempt groups from ever having to reveal its donors — even to the federal government.
In other words, shill organizations masquerading as nonprofits like the Medical Device Innovation Consortium could spend gobs of money on mailers and TV commercials come election time, and nobody would be wiser as to who’s behind the cause or why.
(City Pages)

Paulsen’s A grade has been dutifully earned as well. Over an 18-month period, Paulsen voted 13 times to block efforts to bring a gun safety measure to the House floor.
Nicknamed “No Fly, No Buy,” the proposal would ban suspected terrorists on the FBI’s terror watch list from being able to buy guns. It seeks to close the loophole for people who the FBI has determined should not be on a plane, but can still legally purchase firearms.
(City Pages)

Too many people in Paulsen’s “moderate” district just sort of reflexively vote for him, unaware of what a farce his contrived “moderate” image is. It’s time to send this right-winger packing.
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From Mac Hall: The guy who wants to be known as the #MathGuy has repeatedly voted for unpaid tax cuts and more spending … let’s ignore the two-year suspension of the medical device EXCISE tax, and instead look at his current campaign issue — reforming the EXCISE tax on beer. It’s a great campaign marketing … target voters that drink beer … tell them how you are working to cut the EXCISE tax on the product … while also visiting small breweries across Minnesota who will actually be the beneficiary of lower taxes. His bill, just like the medical device EXCISE tax repeal, has garnered a lot of support including 101 Democrats and 149 Republicans (H.R.2903 – Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act of 2015). Unfortunately, the #MathGuy has not asked the CBO to score the bill — a wise move since he knows like the medical device EXCISE tax, would result in an increase in the debt.
OK … so he pushes tax cuts … but he also has advanced spending increases … just last week he got the House to approve an amendment to the Defense spending bill … the cost $25 million … and who will it benefit … well, do your readers know what Honeywell in Coon Rapids makes ?
Yep, Paulsen is all for tax cuts … I just wish he pushed as hard for veterans care (especially H.R. 3423 Agent Orange Extension Act of 2015 which the House allowed to expire) as much as he proudly boasts his legislation for military dogs.
The #MathGuy is a fiscal fraud and needs to be replaced.

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