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MN-03 shocker! Paulsen skipped town hall

by Dan Burns on February 24, 2017 · 1 comment

paulsen2No, not a “shocker.” I doubt I even had you going for a second.

Frustrated by a lack of town hall meetings on U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen’s calendar, some of his constituents set up a gathering of their own in Plymouth on Thursday evening, drawing hundreds of people who shared concerns about Paulsen’s recent votes.
The GOP congressman, who represents Minnesota’s Third District, did not attend. That didn’t seem to damper the enthusiasm of the approximately 600 people who packed into Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, while a few hundred more waited outside…
Event organizer Kelly Guncheon, a Plymouth financial planner, said the idea was to show the congressman that many in the west and north-metro district don’t share his views — and want to talk.
“Rep. Paulsen, I hope you hear that,” he said. “There is nothing to fear about these people. They are concerned.”
(Star Tribune)

Comment below fold.

From Mac Hall: My guess is that he was out “drinking up” praise for his hard work … after all, “Representative” Paulsen must have been tired after retweeting the praise he got from the Beer Institute — recognizing him as “a leader for the over 1.75 million Americans whose jobs rely on a dynamic #beer industry” … specifically for the “almost 43,000 Minnesotans whose jobs rely on a thriving beer industry.”
OK … following the instructions of our Supreme Leader Donald Trump never to trust the media … is the “almost 43,000” figure correct ?
Yes … it is … well actually the 2014 data from John Dunham and Associates puts the number at 42,912. But that number includes the retail and marketing employees … the number of people working at breweries is only 667. Heck, in 2014, Wal*Mart had 21,877 employees in Minnesota … and none of them brew beer or make any product.
So, why is Erik Paulsen getting praised … because he is the prime sponsor of HR 747 Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act of 2017 … a tax cut that the industry wants. It’s a tax cut on the Federal Excise Tax … which Paulsen says will result in more jobs. Now, he can make the argument on the Medical Device Excise Tax that the businesses would invest in R&D resulting in more employees (still haven’t seen any proof that is justified) yet, ya gotta wonder if the brewers got a cut in their excise tax, would they really invest in making the “next great beer” … or just keep if in profits. After all, the current tax which is passed onto consumers has not seemed to hamper business … With all 12 months of 2016 data now available, beer production grew by an estimated 700,000 barrels, or 0.3%, in 2016. That’s product … not price.
Paulsen is a corporate shill … pushing every tax cut … and tricking people into believing that it will result in jobs.
No wonder he does not want to meet with ordinary citizens.

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