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MN-03: Where is Paulsen coming from with this nonsense?

by Dan Burns on May 18, 2017

paulsenTrumpcare passed the U.S. House, by two votes. The vote of the allegedly thoughtful “moderate” Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) was one of those that put it over the top. Reaction was swift and vehement. An op-ed subsequently appeared with his name on it. What a sniveling, impudent load of crap.

The bill empowers states to better design health care plans that meet the needs of their citizens. It provides a portable tax credit to assist Americans who do not receive coverage from an employer in purchasing health insurance. It enhances and expands the use of consumer-driven health care accounts, such as Health Savings Accounts, and it once and for all repeals the harmful medical device tax.
It is also important to point out what is not in this bill. Nothing in this bill would allow an insurance company to deny someone coverage, including to those with a preexisting condition. Nothing would allow an insurance company to cancel someone’s insurance policy should they become sick. Despite claims from opponents, the bill does not classify sexual assault as a preexisting condition. For those who maintain continuous coverage, the bill does not allow insurance companies to charge an individual more simply because they have a preexisting condition. It’s also worth noting that this bill includes $138 billion to assist states in making sure everyone, including those with preexisting conditions, has access to high-quality, affordable health care?
(Star Tribune)

– Where is your typical family these days, living paycheck to paycheck and way in debt, supposed to get money for “Health Savings Accounts?”

– Despite all of the fatuous whimpering to which we were subjected for years, suspension of the medical device tax has done nothing to create jobs in the U.S., or to improve product affordability and reliability. Just a fat, and wholly undeserved, handout for Big Device.

Here is the reality regarding the AHCA and preexisting conditions. More here.

– Note how the bill’s disastrous impact on Medicaid is not judged worthy of mention.

More than ever, it’s time for Paulsen to be electorally KO’d.

On Tuesday, wealthy and prominent businessman Dean Phillips became the first noteworthy Democrat to launch a campaign against GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen in the suburban-Minneapolis 3rd District. The grandson of famous advice columnist Dear Abby, Phillips is also the heir to the locally well-known Phillips Distilling Company and previously co-owned the Talenti gelato company, while he is also heavily involved with local philanthropic efforts. Despite his personal fortune, Phillips said he wouldn’t self-fund right off the bat or take PAC money of any kind, but he also left the door open to substantial self-funding if he feels he needs to “make up the difference … from the amount [he] would have raised from special interests and lobbyists.”​
(Daily Kos)

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