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MN-08: More embarrassment for Mills

by Dan Burns on July 20, 2016 · 3 comments

millspartying2What with the effort at a political image makeover, some may have been left wondering what the “real” Stewart Mills III is all about. This is telling. The article has numerous specific examples.

The Mills Fleet Farm scion, who’s challenging DFL U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan a second time for Minnesota’s Iron Range seat, cranked out his brand of conservative bro-humor on Facebook pretty regularly back before he was running for political office. A review of old posts on social media finds Mills making flippant references to battered women, his own laziness, and the health benefits of women swallowing after oral sex, among other topics most politicians would happily avoid.
(City Pages)

So behind all of the contrived crap, what we’re dealing with is a “bro.” No wonder he’s endorsed Donald Trump for president.
Here is Rep. Nolan’s website.

I’ve been psychologically burned before by taking generic congressional ballots too literally, months before the election. That being said, right now things aren’t looking good for the likes of Mills.
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From Mac Hall: Hmmm … did I read that Stewart Mills loaned himself $500,000 for his quest to earn $348,000 two-year salary as a US Congressman ?
Makes you wonder if he might be finding the dollars not exactly flowing in when the Republicans have so many competitive contests. For example of the 35 House seats in play only six are currently held by Democrats and of those only two are rated as Toss-Ups. Actually Minnesota has three seats on the list … Erik Paulsen rated as Favored Republican while Rick Nolan is rated as Favored Democrat and John Kline’s old seat rated as Tilts Democrat.
Add to that the news that Freedom Partners, a conservative group tied to billionaires Charles and David Koch’s donor network, canceled $2.3 million in airtime they had reserved in the beginning of August to support Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has pushed back reservations for pro-Johnson advertisements from August to October … pushing back is the first hint that they might be cancelled if the monies are needed to defend other Republicans.
Mills could ride the coattails of Paulsen and Miller … but since his message is anti-TPP and Paulsen and Miller are pro-TPP that could be a problem.
MN08 is still gonna be competitive, but I agree with the other forecasters … Nolan should win.
From Dan Burns: Aaron Brown recently suggested that Nolan’s success on steel dumping will be big.

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