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MN lege: A few notable GOP primary challenges

by Dan Burns on August 4, 2016 · 3 comments

mn_capitolIf you look down the list, there aren’t a lot of endorsed candidates in either party being primaried next Tuesday. I’m noting a few, for the fun of it.

– In 31A, Minnesota House Speaker and probable 2018 GOP establishment gubernatorial candidate Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) is being challenged by Alan Duff. Based on his website, Duff is a right-wing extremist – in particular, a virulent forced-birther – who along with his supporters (I suspect that they are relatively few, unfortunately in the context of this actually being a problem for Daudt) is presumably unhappy that Daudt cut any kind of deals at all with the evil minions of moderation, even liberalism, in the legislature.

– In 31B, the incumbent, Rep. Tom Hackbarth (R-Cedar) got an endorsement shunning.

Via the Morning Take, news that ‘Local Republicans Censure Representative Tom Hackbarth.’ The “treacherous and dishonorable offense? Backing out of an agreement to honor the party’s endorsement for his seat.
Hackbarth lost the endorsement to Cal Bahr, who had sought the endorsement in 2014 and 2012, but didn’t primary the incumbent after the sitting representative secured the endorsement.
(Bluestem Prairie)

Hackbarth has a history – specifically, armed stalking – but since he’s been endorsed by his caucus twice since then it’s presumably something else that led to their dumping him this time. Maybe he’s one of those annoying, irritating, whiny types – uh, just a guess – and they’re sick of his act.

– In Senate 32, the incumbent, Sen. Sean Nienow (R-Cambridge) lost the endorsement to Mark Koran. I happened to notice that the Minneapolis Star Tribune endorsed Nienow for the primary. I just gotta say that if I was being paid to write positive things about conservative politicians (and it would take the promise of some robust paychecks indeed, for me to even consider it), I wouldn’t do what the Strib did and start right off by noting the loan controversy that is presumably the main cause of the problem here.
Comment below fold.

From Dog Gone: I was at the caucus where Daudt (and Nienow) appeared. I wouldn’t rule out that the extreme crazy right, the low information Kool-Aid drunk radicals, who turned out in unprecedented numbers might primary out Daudt.
In spite of every effort the GOP leadership tried, that caucus voted for Trump. The leadership tried to deny the margin of the Trump win, by apparently deliberately misrepresenting the number of votes by which Trump prevailed.
This area where Daudt is running is apparently the last gasp stronghold of crazy extremist conservatives in CD8. Overall, apparently CD-8 is turning liberal faster than any other part of MN. THAT might be why the right is going further extremist right, feeling threatened by change, like they do about any change pretty much.
But it is NOT good for Daudt, who tried to feed me misinformation about election differences between the Dems and the GOP incidentally. Daudt was NOT popular or well received. At best he has a real uphill battle this election, if the cacus was anything to go by.
The natives are restless and really really full of anger and hatred; Daudt can expect to be the target of a lot of that, as the nearer and available candidate.
From Mac Hall: Hmmm … so there is a primary on August 9th … well, I suspect that is news to the people in Senate District 23 which has a contested contest on the DFL side … except neither candidate has a website working or seem to be getting any media presence … but heck, since Senate District 23 incumbent Republican Julie Rosen just sent a mailer out featuring her accomplishments for the last session (she got a few bills passed that had zero opposition), the challengers must figure it does not matter … Rosen’s a shoo-in.
Since you mentioned the Bahr-Hackbarth contest, your readers might enjoy that Hackbarth will from now on be looked upon as a pariah by Republicans…which should be good news for DFLer Sue Larson.
BTW … let us not forget that the MN Supreme Court also will be on your ballots … with Dayton-appointee being challenged by Michelle MacDonald (oh, sure you remember her) and Craig Foss. Since the top two will move on, I hope people remember MacDonald’s past statements.

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